Training on a Shoestring: What Would MacGyver Do? (Part Four)

Are you constantly looking for ways to do more with less in your contact center?

Who better to turn to than MacGyver?!  He was the man who could do everything with anything, and some of his best quotes shed light on ways the contact center can train more effectively and efficiently.

Over the last three weeks we've brought you parts one, two, and three of our four part series--"Training on a Shoestring: What Would MacGyver Do?"

Now it's time for the final installment! Watch as Justin Robbins, Manager of Training and Development at ICMI, wraps up our series and channels his inner MacGyver to bring you more tips for training success.

Looking for additional resources that will arm your contact center for training efficiency?  Download the complimentary learner type assessment or training resources list that Justin mentioned.  You can also view the complete "Training on a Shoestring" session from ACCE 2013 here.

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