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Answers to Your Burning Contact Center AI Questions
There's been plenty of buzz about AI, but what's the real deal? How will automation change the contact center, and what do leaders need to do now to prepare? We asked members... Read More

Break the Catch 22: 3 Tips to Delight Customers and Avoid Detractors
Social media has a tremendous power to create legions of brand advocates or destroy all good will, seemingly overnight. For example, fast food brand Wendy’s has earned a cult following through its... Read More

How to Build a CX Dashboard that Drives Better Results
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Quality, Productivity, and Striking the Right Balance
When I say “metrics” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If your answer is spreadsheets and dashboards packed with tons and tons of analytics, you’re probably not alone. And while... Read More

How to be an Effective Manager
Stop me if you've heard this one before. A new team member joins your contact center. She is put through training and taught how to use her phone and your company CRM,... Read More

Simple Ways to Make Agent Training More Engaging
This week, contact center training expert Sheri Kendall-duPont joined us as an #ICMIchat guest host. She asked probing questions and shared her thoughts on ways to get better results from agent training.... Read More

How to Stop Workplace Drama from Destroying the Agent and Customer Experience
If you’ve worked in contact centers for any period of time, you’ve seen your fair share of workplace drama: the emotional responses to feedback; the fire-drill frustrations; and perhaps even a few... Read More

Critical to Quality Social Media Metrics
When ICMI asked me to write a blog post about customer service metrics for social media, I was excited about the chance to discuss much of what I learned over the last... Read More

Increase Quality and Efficiency by Leveraging Metrics
Every day you walk into your contact center, and you ask your managers and agents to walk a tightrope.  What's that you say? You don't recall installing a tightrope in your contact... Read More

9 Ways to Explain the Difference Between Customer Experience & Customer Service
Even in circles of seasoned contact center and customer service professionals, there seems to be some confusion around where customer experience (CX) best fits in an organization. To better understand CX, and... Read More

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