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3 Questions to Ask to Assess Your Contact Center Culture

Is culture tangible? If so, how do you recognize it? In a recent ICMI article, Rose Polchin explained how to define and assess your culture. To continue that conversation, we took this... Read More

5 Critical Elements of a Successful Contact Center Launch

Contact center implementation is an art and a science, and over 24 years in business, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to make the smoothest transition possible. Every milestone and every moving... Read More

5 Coaching Techniques That Will Move the Needle

No time to read? On the go? Click the button below to listen to us read this article. While I've certainly had my share of coaching conversations in my career while working... Read More

How to Write Excellent Social Media Responses to Customers

Wow. It's been almost a decade since companies began offering customer service via social media, and have we gotten better at it over the years! We've shed some outsized fears about being... Read More

3 Telltale Signs Your Contact Center Culture is Unhealthy

How healthy is your contact center work culture? If you're like many organizations around the globe today, your workplace is probably not that inspiring. TinyPulse's 2017 annual global employee engagement report found... Read More

10 Knowledge Management Best Practices That Lead to Success

How can you use knowledge to better support your customers and how would you know if you were successful in achieving that goal?   In this article, I am sharing some of... Read More

The Value of Emotive Customer Experiences

The logical mind versus the emotional heart - every time we make a decision these two forces go to battle. However, according to the book 30-Second Brain, feelings provide the basis for... Read More

6 Tips for Rebuilding Trust After a Service Failure

Mistakes are inevitable, but in today's experience economy, the stakes are high. One bad customer experience can result in lost revenue, negative publicity, and irreparable damage to your reputation. So, what's the... Read More

Want to Reduce Turnover? Develop to Retain

On the go? No time to read? You can listen to us read this article by clicking "play" below. Be sure to subscribe to us on SoundCloud for more free resources. Contact... Read More

Identifying Contact Center Culture Gaps and Opportunities

In part one of this blog series, we defined culture and hopefully helped you define your contact center or team culture.  In part two of this blog series, we will provide you... Read More

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