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Are Your Agents Up Against Hidden Obstacles?

Why does service vary so much from company to company, and what are some of the most beloved brands doing differently to better serve their customers? To understand how to improve customer service, you first need to determine which obstacles get in the way of excellent service. In most cases, employees genuinely want to do their jobs well. But poorly thought out processes, policies, or tools can stop even the most conscientious contact center agents from doing what’s best for customers. Next month at Contact Center Expo, Jeff Toister will share examples of the hidden, unusual, or even counter-intuitive obstacles that agents face while trying to do their jobs. You’ll leave his keynote session with practical tips you can apply immediately.

Too excited to wait for Jeff’s keynote session? (Us, too!) Earlier this month I hosted a Fireside chat Jeff to talk about his upcoming keynote and his newly released book, Getting Service Right. Watch the conversation below for tips on dealing with difficult customers, advice for improving accuracy, and more.

Want to see Jeff’s keynote? It’s not too late to register for Contact Center Expo! Use the code SPKR for a special discount.