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16 Ways to Get Inspired in the Contact Center

When you think about your job, your office, your team, or your day-to-day duties, what words come to mind? If inspirational isn’t one of them, we’re here to help! We know the daily grind can feel taxing--especially in the contact center. That’s why #ICMIchat devoted an hour to brainstorming ways to find workplace inspiration. From office design, to music, to coping mechanisms for bad days, we shared it all! Here are some of the best tips.

Designing the Dream Contact Center

What would your dream office look like? How would sprucing up your space improve the mood and morale of your team? Consider these ideas to create a more inviting and inspiring contact center.

  1. Setup mini meeting spaces so agents have a place to go collaborate away from the phones. -@LeslieO
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of color! Repaint the walls in fun colors. -@sherikendall
  3. Recognize the importance of natural light. In cubes? Consider adding skylights so agents can still see the sun. -AngelThe_Only1
  4. Decorate the office in the theme of your brand/values. This helps agents feel more in tune with the brand they represent. -@nancyjami
  5. Have a scream room. Give agents a space to go blow off some steam. -evenwatson
  6. Set aside a space for work, a space for play, and a space for wellness. -jtwatkin

office design

Maximizing Productivity & Creativity

Working in an appealing office atmosphere can do wonders for mood and productivity, but we all have our bad days. Some days are more productive than others, and some days it’s hard to feel creative. We asked #ICMIchat participants to share their best tips for getting your mojo back on an “off” day. Here are a few methods you can try next time you’re feeling unproductive:

  1. Go outside and take a walk around the block. Fresh air is a great reset. -@jtwatkin
  2. Get rid of distractions. Shut off the notifications on your phone, close email, etc. -@justinmrobbins
  3. Get out of the office and have lunch with a friend. Non-work conversation can serve as a nice escape. -@KatieRBromley
  4. Use downtime to work on clearing out your inbox and responding to emails. -@LeslieO
  5. Take a meditation break, exercise, or play with animals. (Kittens or puppies, anyone?) -@Nancyjami

getting inspired at work

Recovering from Difficult Conversations

You can have the prettiest office on the block and the best productivity procedures in place, but difficult calls are inevitable in the contact center. What’s the best way to recover from soul-crushing conversations? Try one of these strategies:

  1. Coordinate preventative training on coping with difficult contacts. Identify all options in advance. -@justinmrobbins
  2. Send agents an IM and point out the positive things they did on the call. Then encourage them to step outside for a break. -AngelThe_Only1
  3. Create an off-work code so agents can take themselves out of the queue and go cool down for a few minutes. -@Patrick_SaaS
  4. Establish a “think free zone” where agents can go color or work on other relaxing activities. -@justinmrobbins
  5. Send out pictures of cute animals, or post them up around the office. No, really. Here’s why.  -@sherikendall

coping with difficult customers

What do you do to make your workplace more inspiring, or to find inspiration for yourself? We’d love to hear your ideas! Share them in the comments below, or join us at Contact Center Expo & Conference and come prepared to get inspired! The Inspiration Central booth will be your place to recharge. Learn from the “best of the best” — the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards finalists. And while you’re there, share your own success stories with other attendees. This will be your interactive spot to celebrate, learn, give back to the local community and find inspiration.

In the meantime, find more inspiration in this full chat transcript from the latest #ICMIchat.