10 Budget Friendly Contact Center Training Tips

Contact center training isn't easy. Juggling high turnover, small budgets, and new hire onboarding can make creating effective agent curriculum a challenge. Fear not! If you've recently experienced budget cuts, our friends at #ICMIchat are here to help. Watch this quick video for ten budget friendly tips, or head over to Storify for a full chat recap.

Bonus: we asked #ICMIchat participants to share their favorite low or no cost training tools, and we've curated a list of their answers below. What would you add to the mix? Share your favorite training tips and tools in the comments below.


Ideas for low-cost training resources:

  • Create in-house PowerPoint and supporting material (via @Patrick_SaaS)
  • For a low budget LMS, Sensei is a great plugin for wordpress. (Via @jtwatkin)
  • Slack is a great tool. I post a scenario on Wed and trainers respond. I debrief and moderate. Great learning is happening. (Via @sherikendall)
  • Google Docs - all the way.  (Via @jennysuedempsey)
  • Use previous call tickets. Create a virtual library of symptom/solution references. (Via @dmmacdougall)
  • Utilize ICMI resources! (Via @HappyCXStories)
  • Leverage tenured agents. They love to give feedback & help design trainings. I always asked them to share what they wish they knew when they were new. (Via @debimongan)
  • Read expert blogs and trade publications. Utilize free vendor whitepapers. (Via @NewVoiceMedia)
  • We use @lessonly, @NewVoiceMedia, @EducationFolder, and anything that puts information at the agent’s fingertips. #ICMIchat (Via @ @KUPHAN0812)
  • I've gotten super into OneNote the last couple of months and the people love it. (Via @evenwatson)
  • Twitter. (Chats like #ICMIchat) Via @BGelbendorf

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