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The Top 20 Ways You're Annoying Your Customers

Customers have more options than ever, and easy access to seek out other options if they're dissatisfied with your company. Are you unintentionally driving them to the competition? You might be if you're guilty of any of these customer service pet peeves!

We asked out #ICMIchat community to weigh-in on the things that irk them most when interacting with service teams.  Here are the top ten responses:

1. Being transferred to someone who's not up to speed on the problem.

2. Having to navigate a long and confusing IVR.

3. Customer service reps who interrupt/talk over them.

4. Customer service reps who read from a script.

5. Having to exert unnecessary additional effort to solve a problem.

6. Being forced to switch channels mid-interaction

7. Long hold times.

8. Not having the option to text for service.

9. Being asked to call back later for resolution.

10. Not having the option to talk to a live person when needed.

To see what made else made the list, click through the presentation below.

Looking for ways to avoid committing these customer service pet peeves? Head over to our forum for a full transcript of the chat, and solutions to many of these common snafus!