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Is Generational Bias Poisoning Your Company Culture?

A lot has changed since baby boomers first entered the workplace. Technology, team structures, office spaces, work schedules and expectations continue to evolve rapidly.

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, companies have struggled to find new ways to attract and retain top talent from this younger generation. And just as employers are starting to figure out Generation Y, it's time to prepare for the next group of college graduates. By 2020, more than 20% of the workforce will be made up of Generation Z (those born in 1996 or after).

While it's important to be informed about the unique characteristics of each generation, it's dangerous to make assumptions. Generational bias can be toxic to employee morale and company culture.

Learn what our #ICMIchat community thinks about generational bias in the workplace today, and see their advice for leveraging diversity to improve productivity and engagement.