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Every Award-Winning Contact Center Needs: A Service Vision

Last month we hosted the Call Center Trade Game webinar sponsored by Jabra and iQor; the interactive event took our community members behind the scenes at 3 award-worthy contact centers, and gave them the opportunity to choose which center they’d like to trade places with if given the chance.  Attendees got to meet call center leaders from Philly311, Freeman, and Wells Fargo, and watch the video tours they created when submitting entries for our Global Call Center of the Year awards.

From discussing their challenges and successes, to learning more about each of their unique cultures, it was a really insightful and action packed 60 minutes.  In fact, it was so full of action that we didn’t have a chance to answer all of the live audience questions. To keep the conversation going, we gave audience members the opportunity to vote on a question they wanted to have the contestants answer offline. As promised, we have the answers!

The question our audience members most wanted answered:

What’s one thing you think every contact center should do that doesn’t require a large financial investment?

We started by asking the Call Center Trade Game winning contestant, Brenda McCord, first.  Brenda is the Vice President of Customer Support at Freeman.

“One tangible takeaway to build an award winning culture is to initiate service expectations and  give each CS Representative a “Service Vision” card with Service Standard,” said Brenda.  “Select a “Service Standard of the Month” and promote the service behavior throughout the month.  If there is a monetary budget, the service behavior can be rewarded when observed or submitted on a customer survey.”

During the webinar, many of you requested that Brenda share her “Service Vision” card.  So, what does it look like?

The Freeman “Service Vision” cards starts with a simple statement: “We are a family of trusted experts committed to assisting our customers market their products and services. We are driven to accept our clients’ challenges as our own.  We have the skills and determination to proactively exceed our clients’ expectations.  Do It Right. First Time. Every Time.” 

It then goes on to outline 10 tenets of Freeman customer service:

  1. Like Clockwork
  2. Customer Driven
  3. No Excuses
  4. Take it Personally
  5. Tuned In
  6. Great People--Great Decisions
  7. Comitted to Care
  8. Freeman Pride
  9. Everything Matters
  10. Raise the Bar

 Freeman Service Vision Tenets

Does your contact center have a similar card or set of standards in place?  Share your thoughts below.

Check the blog next Tuesday for part two of the "Every Award-Winning Contact Center Needs.." series. We'll reveal what Philly311 thinks every contact center should do that doesn’t require a large financial investment.  In the meantime, if you haven't already, be sure to watch The Call Center Trade Game webinar on demand.