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Industry Stats: How actively engaged are your customers?

Last week we polled our community and asked the following question: how actively involved do you consider your customers to be with your organization?

The choices:

  • Extremely Engaged
  • Moderately Engaged
  • Moderately Disengaged
  • Extremely Disengaged

The results?  43% of respondents felt that their customers were extremely engaged, 38% felt that their customers were moderately engaged, and 19% thought their customers were moderately disengaged.  No one thought their customers were extremely disengaged.

How do these results compare with recent ICMI research?

ICMI just closed a Customer Experience Management "Hot Buttons" research study this week.  550 contact center and customer service experts participated, and when asked the same question, the majority (63%) considered their customers to be moderately engaged with their company.

Want more insights and statistics on customer experience management?  Look for the complete research study to release next month, and stay tuned for a webinar on the topic later this month.



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