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Call Center Demo and Conference Speaker Spotlight: Josh Chapman

For the last few weeks we’ve been highlighting Call Center Demo and Conference speakers on our blog.  This week, our featured speaker is Josh Chapman, Vice President of Operations for Cars.com. If you missed his blog post from yesterday on improving the self-service experience for customers, make sure you read it.  Josh will be speaking in session 104: Innovation from Award-Winning Contact Centers.  Be sure to register to join us in Atlanta so you can learn from Josh and countless other industry leaders.

Want to connect with Josh before Atlanta?  You can find him on Twitter: @JoshC_Chapman.

I had the chance to connect with Josh last week and he let me in on a little known fact about himself, and shared his thoughts on the upcoming conference and great customer service. Check out the interview to get to know Josh.

ICMI: What excites you most about presenting at Call Center Demo and Conference?

JC: The most exciting thing about presenting at Call Center Demo and Conference is the chance to learn.  I will be on a panel with some VERY talented folks and when I’m not answering a question myself, I’ll be listening very closely and learning as much as I can.

ICMI: What is one takeaway you hope to leave with your audience?

JC: It’s all about people.  None of us who are in call center leadership would have a job if it weren’t for the great people who are taking care of our customers.  Our number one priority has to be our people – making sure they are engaged and have the tools they need to be successful.  No matter how well we leverage technology, or how thoroughly we develop our processes, we will not provide the best customer experience without happy, motivated employees.

ICMI: What is one question YOU’d like to have answered at Call Center Demo and Conference?

JC: What are great companies doing to measure customer experience?  It seems that there has been a flurry of activity in this area recently with new methodologies and tools.  I am curious to hear what is working for other companies and what they are planning for in the future.  At Cars.com we have been very focused on customer experience measurement over the past year so I’m also happy to share our strategy and results.

ICMI: What’s one fun fact that not a lot of people know about you?

JC: Somewhat ironic being that I work for Cars.com, my parents had initially planned to name me Colin (my middle name).  Colin Chapman was the founder of Lotus Cars and a pioneer in auto racing, where many of his innovations from the 1950’s and 1960’s are still used today.  My Mom made a last second decision to switch to Joshua in the delivery room.

ICMI: What’s the best customer experience you’ve had when you’ve been on the customer side?

JC: Wow, that is a tough question!  There are many companies that provide amazing service, and I definitely base my purchasing decisions on service.  Most recently, we took my oldest daughter to the American Girl Place for her birthday.  I was impressed with the number of employees throughout the store, and their constant offering of assistance.  They made the entire experience (brunch & shopping) so personal for my daughter that I know she will never forget that day.

ICMI: What do you think is the biggest challenge contact center leaders face today?

JC: The biggest challenge is multi-channel and balancing the needs of our different customers.  How do we offer them the ability to communicate with us through the channel of their preference and ensure the experience is consistent?  My personal opinion is that the new channels can be intimidating but the solution already exists in most companies.  I’d love to talk more about this during the conference!