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Call Center Demo and Conference Speaker Spotlight: Chip Bell

Earlier this week Chip Bell shared a thoughtful post about the expectations of today’s customers. As he put it, when it comes to customers, the new normal is picky, fickle, vocal and wired.  If the amount of activity we received in response to the post via social media is any indication, it seems Chip’s content really resonated with our community.

So, would you agree that customer expectations are higher now than ever?

We recently conducted research with USAN on Extreme Engagement in the Multi-channel Contact Center; and our findings support Chip’s observations. One thing we uncovered in our research was that 44% of our survey participants felt that customers using self-service channels have higher expectations than those using more traditional channels.

Participants in our Call Center Demo Tweet chat last night agreed.  As Jim Rembach put it, “They expect always on, and once and done.”

In general, technology has made customers less patient, and this is what Chip Bell will be focusing on in his keynote presentation at Call Center Demo and Conference in October.  You don’t want to miss his presentation: “Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It.”

I had the chance to talk with Chip last week and ask what he’s most looking forward to about Call Center Demo, what he hopes his audience will take away, and more.  Find out what he had to say, and be sure to check out the Call Center Demo and Conference schedule to learn more about all the great sessions we have planned!

ICMI: What excites you most about presenting at Call Center Demo and Conference? 

Chip: Getting to share cutting edge ideas that make a difference in customers’ experiences.   And, getting to network with so many professionals in the call center arena!

ICMI: What is one takeaway you hope to leave with your audience?

Chip: The fact that customers have dramatically changed in the last two years and have new expectations for call center contact; expectations that are altering standards of excellence.

ICMI: What is one question YOU’d like to have answered at Call Center Demo and Conference? 

Chip: How to effectively marry high tech with high touch in ways that are delightful to customers and respectful of the bottom line!

ICMI: What’s one fun fact that not a lot of people know about you? 

Chip: That I once was the opening musical act for the Backstreet Boys...really!

ICMI: What’s the best customer experience you’ve had when you’ve been on the customer side? 

Chip: An amazing encounter with a Hertz Platinum desk call center rep.

ICMI: What do you think is the biggest challenge contact center leaders face today? 

Chip: Translating deep understanding of what matters most to customers today into call center practices that do not make the center operate like a manufacturing assembly line in the 60’s!