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Call Center Demo and Conference Speaker Spotlight: Brad Cleveland

For the last few weeks we’ve been highlighting Call Center Demo and Conference speakers on our blog.  This week, our featured speaker is Brad Cleveland. If you missed his blog post from earlier this week on improving self-service, be sure to check it out.  Brad will be leading leading the pre-conference session: The Principles of Effective Contact Center Management.

I had the chance to connect with Brad last week and he shared his thoughts on the upcoming conference and great customer service. Check out the interview to get to know Brad.

ICMI: What excites you most about presenting at Call Center Demo and Conference?

Brad: I love the feel and accessibility of this conference. Everyone who comes really wants to be there, and it’s a great place to get a read on what’s happening and what others facing similar challenges are doing.

ICMI:What is one takeaway you hope to leave with your audience?

Brad: This is an important time of change and development, with new interactions, more contact channels, more demanding customers, much more at stake at a brand and strategic level. But ... if you learn well the underlying principles of effective contact center management, and know how to apply them, your skills and knowledge will be in high demand. You will be ready for the changes and developments ahead!

ICMI:What is one question YOU’d like to have answered at Call Center Demo and Conference?

Brad: I love to get the pulse of where organizations are in responding to the changes in customer expectations.

ICMI: What’s one fun fact that not a lot of people know about you?

Brad: I’ve carried a travel journal for over 20 years (changing them when they fill). My handwriting is lousy and many entries are sparse. But I can go back to any date and tell you what I did that day.

ICMI:What’s the best customer experience you’ve had when you’ve been on the customer side?

Brad: I once had a Whirlpool washing machine break down. I thought it had only been a few years since we bought the washer and dryer pair, so I called for help. The agent quickly accessed our account, discovered we had purchased them over 11 years ago (wow, how time flies!) and that they were out of warranty, but said she could dispatch a repairman the next day. He arrived on schedule, diagnosed the problem and replaced a part that had worn. He swiped and charged my credit card—I think it was $125 total—via his handheld device. Before he left, he vacuumed and oiled both machines, replaced filters and carefully wiped down the surfaces. They were like brand new, again. One of the best and most painless customer experiences I’ve had.

ICMI: What do you think is the biggest challenge contact center leaders face today?

Brad: I believe it’s essential to get internal resources and personalities aligned and on the same page. Not always easy, but absolutely essential. Customer service is not a department, an initiative, an app. It’s an ongoing organizationwide responsibility.