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Speaker Center

Welcome to the Speaker Center, designed to help speakers plan their engagements at Contact Center Expo and promote their sessions.


Plan Your Engagement

What is the process for speakers?


  • All workshops will be  broadcast live on ZOOM
  • Workshop Instructors will be able to interact with attendees through polling, pop-up questions and live chat.  Please prepare your questions or prompts prior to your workshop
  • We welcome you to send out advanced digital materials to attendees prior to your live workshop.  This may include slide decks (presentation template is available below to download), PDF, videos, etc.
  • A Conference Call for all workshop speakers will be held on Monday, September 14th at 1pm ET to review important information, please plan on attending.

Conference Sessions:

  • Most sessions will be prerecorded and broadcast on October 13 & 14.  Our Production team will work with you to record your session in advance between September 14 & October 2.
  • For the few exceptions with a live broadcast, we will be sending information to you shortly as to how to work with our Production Team.
  • A Conference Call for all conference speakers will be held on Wednesday, September 16th at 1pm ET to review important information, please plan on attending.

Sponsored Sessions:

  • All Sponsored Session must be prerecorded in advance and submitted no later than Friday, September 25th.  There will be no exceptions for late submissions and any submissions past this date cannot be included in the program. (further information on uploading files is forthcoming)
  • Session topic names, descriptions and speaker information is due by Wednesday, September 16th.




Please contact Kristin McNeil at [email protected].

Tell The World You Are Speaking at the ICMI Contact Center Expo!

Write And Get Published!

Share a blog post, article, infographic, or video on Comment on articles, or head over to our forum and start a conversation.  Learn more about being an ICMI Contributor >

Be Heard!

ICMI Live Webinars - This is a great way to grab an audience’s attention and to interact live.

Be Social! Get Connected!

Get the Mobile App!

Once this app is released (mid-April), we encourage you to start posting about your session, asking questions, posting pictures, and comments. This helps develop early engagement and interest in your session.

If you’re not already, become a fan of ICMI Facebook Page and RSVP for Contact Center Expo. Invite your friends to become fans and RSVP as well. Post information on the Contact Center Expo page about your session.

Also, once you are registered for the event, you can join our exclusive Faceboook Expo20 Group Page. It's the perfect way to start early conversations with attendees!

Join the LinkedIn ICMI group and start a discussion around your session and invite your friends to join the discussion.

Follow us on Twitter. Post about the event and your session using #CCEXPO and @callcenterICMI and we’ll retweet as appropriate.

 Check out our latest videos on YouTube. You'll love watching them.


Outlined above are many opportunities to collaborate with ICMI. Become an ICMI Community Thought Leader today and help us improve the contact center and customer service profession! ICMI is excited to work with you to help increase your visibility and amplify your voice in the contact center industry.

Please contact Megan Selva, Group Content Director 

Email: [email protected]

Custom Banners and Landing Pages

You should have received custom banners to promote yourself as a featured speaker at the event. These custom banners highlight your specific session(s).  Also, you can download generic social media banners. If you need anything further, reach out to [email protected]

Speaker Benefits

As a speaker, your name, title, company and biography will be featured on the Contact Center Expo & Conference website. Your session may also be featured in an event email reaching over 21,000 subscribers.

Complimentary Registration for the Entire Event
You will receive (1) complimentary registration, non-transferable Digital All Access Pass. We welcome you, as a speaker, to attend all days, including all conference sessions, exhibits, and pre-conference workshops.