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About ICMI

ICMI makes contact centers better

We are all striving to be better. Whether it’s being better people, better leaders, or better organizations, improvement and advancement is at the heart of our daily intentions.

For the contact center, this mission of improvement is fundamental to every interaction. For your customers, you want to address their need and improve their satisfaction with your product or service and their loyalty to your brand. For employees, you want to improve their engagement, build on their job knowledge, skills and experience, and grow their loyalty and retention. At the organizational level, you want to improve operational efficiencies, revenue, and the bottom line.

No other organization understands the contact center’s focus on improvement like ICMI does. We take great pride in improving customer experiences and producing optimal business results.

We champion contact centers and their people, and our mission is to make both better every day.

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ICMI makes contact centers better

We Move Contact Centers Forward

ICMI works with contact centers to accomplish desired outcomes and prepare them for the future. We deliver value by helping centers:

  • Improve customer experiences
  • Recognize upcoming trends and prepare for the future
  • Develop action plans to help overcome strategic challenges
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies saving money and time
  • Assess tools and technologies and create a roadmap for optimization
  • Quantify the impact of improvements on customers and the organization
  • Drive career advancement through community and knowledge sharing
  • Create better leaders and inspired teams by advancing knowledge, skills, and abilities at all levels

ICMI makes contact centers better

Our Clients

Companies worldwide partner with ICMI for professional development and organizational improvement. Recent clients who have worked with ICMI to elevate the customer experience include:

The Hartford

ICMI makes contact centers better

Our Products and Services

We unite the community and empower contact centers to serve their customers better, engage their employees more, and improve the customer experience through a full range of products and services.

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