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Call Center Resources & Insight

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3 Steps for Achieving Excellence in the Work-from-Anywhere Environment
According to the 5th Talent’s April 2021 Contact Center Industry Work at Home Study, contact center agents have fully embraced the flexibility that Work-From-Home (WFH) offers. But as the world begins to... Read More

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3 Tips for Extroverts on How to Communicate with Introverts
A wise person once told me to surround myself with people who have different strengths than me, both to help offset my shortcomings and to give others a chance to shine. I'm... Read More

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Why Your Business Should Have an After-Hours Contact Center
Customers have now become so used to on-demand availability that when a business is not available when they reach out, that can seem truly odd. This means that your business customer service... Read More

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How to Troubleshoot Your Contact Center Scheduling Process
As we say at ICMI, contact center management is “the art of having the right number of properly skilled people and supporting resources in place at the right times to handle an... Read More

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5 Tips to Use Plain Language to Explain Complex Topics
If you work in customer service and you want to improve satisfaction and reduce repeat contacts, start writing in plain language right now. I mean today. Please don’t be worried about whether... Read More

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Announcing the 2021 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Winners
    During the virtual ICMI Contact Center Expo, the winners of the 2021 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards were announced. Nate Brown, Chief Experience Officer of CX Accelerator, mc’d the virtual... Read More

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An Argument for Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems
If you have outgrown your existing phone systems or if you are trying to deploy your communication lines for the first time, there are several questions you need to answer. You need... Read More

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How and Why You Should Measure Contact Center Agent Job Satisfaction
Each month, MetricNet highlights one Key Performance Indicator for the contact center or service desk. We define the KPI, provide recent benchmarking data for the metric, and discuss key correlations and cause-and-effect... Read More

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3 Biggest Mistakes Contact Centers Make During the Seasonal Surge
Ramp-ups for seasonal surges and product launches can bring teams to their knees if they aren’t strategically and emotionally prepared. Contact center ramp-ups are more than just adding more people in various... Read More

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How to Recruit An Agent Workforce in a Work-From-Anywhere Environment
Remote work is here to stay. As contact centers reopen, contact center managers and recruiters are faced with a new challenge: adapting pre-pandemic recruiting practices to a new business environment. But what... Read More

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