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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Today’s Challenge: Where to Invest for Long-Term Contact Center Success
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Are You Harnessing AI in Your Customer Access Strategy?
When was the last time you moved into a new apartment or house that didn’t have any electrical wiring? As in, no wire, no outlets, nothing? When was the last time you... Read More

Article -
How to Achieve Team Success Using Emotional Intelligence-Based Leadership
Pause. Take a few minutes to mentally review your team. What is the overwhelming sense of your team? Decreased morale? Increasing levels of conflict? Diminished collaboration? What do your numbers tell you? Do... Read More

Article -
Planning to Transform Your Customer Experience?: Here Are the Numbers You Need to Know
This is the first of a three-part series from NoJitter, an Informa Tech property, examining how companies are transforming their customer experience strategies through the use of technology. Artificial intelligence is fast... Read More

Article -
The Promise of Generative AI: New, Flexible Customer Experiences
Traditional contact centers have long been at the forefront of answering customer requests and challenges. These contact centers have relied mainly on inflexible scripts to direct client interactions, leaving little room for... Read More

Article -
How to Make Your Customer Service Stand Out from the Crowd
In many industries, superior customer service is what sets a business apart from its competitors, fostering loyalty, attracting new customers, and driving growth. Whether it’s through the frontline contact center or self-service... Read More

Article -
Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
Building rapport is a hallmark of customer service training and coaching. Look at your average quality rubric and you'll likely find something regarding rapport-building. But what is rapport? It's how we establish... Read More

Article -
Transformational Leadership in the Contact Center
Is your team stuck in a rut? Are you concerned about a growing sense of negativity within your team? Is your team struggling to meet organizational targets despite having the tools and... Read More

Article -
Finding Ways to Say "Yes" to Customers
During a recent visit to my local dry cleaners, the attendant at the store greeted me and asked what service I needed. After I told her I need some alterations done, she... Read More

Article -
Fix These Four Live Chat Mistakes or Lose Customers
Chat has been around forever, and customers love the channel. They choose chat when they need to multitask, when they want a written record of the agent’s instructions they can refer to... Read More

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