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The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Enter the ICMI Awards

Silly photo As you may know, it’s time once again for the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards. These awards showcase the best of the best of the contact center industry.

We’ve said a lot already about how the awards give managers a chance to recognize the teams or individuals who have made a huge, positive impact on customer service and support. But what if you really, really didn’t want to enter for the chance to take home a prestigious award at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo in Orlando in October 2023? Who is discussing that?

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Here are the Top 10 reasons not to enter for the chance to take home an ICMI Award:

  1. Hearing clapping from your peers makes you break out in hives.
  2. You practice tough love, and think validation is only for the weak.
  3. You have a team member who is in the FBI’s witness relocation program, and you don’t want to blow their cover.
  4. You worry that once you win an award, there is nowhere to go but down.
  5. Your office has a large cat, and it will just knock the award off the shelf.
  6. A mysterious stranger once told you that winning an ICMI award will set in motion a dreadful prophecy.
  7. Upper management ordered you to curb your team’s enthusiasm for their jobs.
  8. You’re afraid winning an award will use up your luck, and you’ve going to Vegas in November.
  9. You have a team member who is a vampire, and you’re afraid sunlight off the glass award will cause a workplace injury.
  10. If you win, you’ll have to take the team out to dinner, and with the different dietary restrictions, who can find a place?

If none of these apply to you, then start your ICMI Awards application now!