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ICMI’s Top 10 Articles of 2022

mikeEach year, we share the thoughts and experiences of thought leaders in the contact center industry to help everyone do better at their roles. And each year, there are a few articles that just strike a chord with our readers.

Taking one last look back at 2022, here are the ten most-read articles of the last calendar year. Be sure to thank the writers for their contributions!

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The Top 10 Articles of 2022:

1. How to Effectively Explain a Policy to a Customer

By Leslie O'Flahavan

It’s not Customer Service’s fault if policies are unclear, but it is Customer Service’s job to help customers understand the what and the why of the policy. Here’s how.

2. How the Metaverse Might Shape the Future Contact Center Experience

By EJ Bowen

A primer on how this new technology may shape the customer experience of the future, and how it is already becoming an experience of the present.

3. The 5 Metrics that Matter Most at Our Contact Center

By Holly Terrill

We can quantify almost every aspect of the contact center, but there may only be a few metrics that cut through the signal noise.

4. 3 Contact Center Trends and Recommendations

By David Myron

Research from Omdia shows that the disruption of COVID-19 accelerated IT and cloud investment. This, in turn, will change the geography and nature of the contact center workforce.

5. The 7 Needs of a Contact Center Customer

By Ben Motteram

Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of the basics of what makes a customer feel connected and heard. Is your contact center meeting these needs?

6. Is Average Speed of Answer (ASA) a Good Metric?

By Brad Cleveland

A deeper dive of the numbers behind this popular contact center metric may show that it is masking some problems in hold time and customer experience.

7. Role Play to Check Training Evaluations

By Rebecca Gibson

Customer service involves on-the-fly interactions, so contact center training should include opportunities to practice these improvisational interactions.

8. How to Fight Leadership Fatigue

By Sayo Afolayan

Leaders are not a bottomless pit of energy and optimism, and it’s important to find ways to recharge your batteries before burnout damages your well being.

9. Don’t Take a Negative Customer Interaction Personally

By Holly Terrill

If you care about customer experience, you may carry a bad interaction with you all day. Here’s how to let go.

10. Why Your Contact Center Might Need a Balanced Scorecard

By Jeff Rumburg

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees when we drill down on one single metric. Here’s an argument for an overall grade based on several metrics.

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