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How to Leverage Technology to Overcome Common Contact Center Challenges

Learn more about Jacada, winner of the 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Award for Best New Technology Solution

“Great concept that definitely meets a need within the industry. What’s done particularly well? (1) Generic APIs to any WFM provides flexibility option which is key for mid and lower tier WFMs, (2) consolidated view for SFA user.”

       - 2017 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Judges

Companies like Amazon, Instacart, and Airbnb have revolutionized the way customers interact with businesses. The result? Higher expectations for every customer interaction--regardless of the company involved. This evolution has left contact centers scrambling to meet customer needs, and bridge the gap between expectation and reality. One of the biggest challenges contact center leader now face is upgrading current systems and process to enable more modern service. As technology continues to change, more and more solutions are designed to make this possible. One such solution? The Jacada Contact Hub.

Jacada, ICMI Global Contact Center Awards

In 2016, ICMI began recognizing new contact center technology solutions through the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards program. This year, Jacada took home the coveted award. What makes their product noteworthy? Noa Toppol, their manager of global marketing programs, helped me learn more about how they’re enabling a more innovative and optimized customer experience.

EM: What need were you trying to fill with this new solution?

NT: This year, according to Forrester, one-third of businesses will shift to customer-obsessed operations and compete based on experiences.

With this increased focus on customer experience, organizations are expressing the following challenges they must contend with:

  • Routine inquiries are flooding the call center and containing inbound calls is top priority
  • Pressure to move to digital customer experience, despite the fact that customers abandon 70% of DIGITAL self-service sessions
  • Pressure to reduce cost to serve, while improving customer experience

Delivering an exceptional customer service in the digital world appears to be a paradox. On the one hand, the digital customer is demanding efficiency in their interactions with your company. Whether it’s a digital session, a voice call or even a proactive outbound notification, they demand the interactions be low effort, efficient and on the channel of their choice. Companies, on the other hand, want to ensure low inbound call volume and next issue avoidance all while delivering an exceptional customer experience. This paradox is what we set out to solve. Jacada Contact Hub features the award winning Visual IVR, our artificial intelligence powered Virtual Agent, and Interact, our powerful cross-channel interaction designer. The Contact Hub allows contact centers to engage your customers where they are - whether it’s an inbound digital session, a voice inquiry, or a proactive outbound alert - using a single platform to provide a continuous and personalized customer experience.

With the Jacada Contact Hub, customers can:

  • Pivot voice calls into a personalized, self-service interaction
  • Engage website visitors with a Virtual Agent to fully assist and resolve the inquiry there and then
  • Send proactive notifications to lower inbound call volume

EM: What makes this product unique? How does it stand out from the competition?

NT: The Jacada Contact Hub is geared to drive digital adoption and lower inbound call volume and improve customer experience. It is a hub of award winning solutions that support today’s modern consumer by offering digital engagement across multiple channels, personalizing the experience, and providing seamless connectivity to assisted service when needed.

More specifically, The Jacada Contact Hub is the only solution in the industry which:

1. Engages voice callers and pivots them into a digital interaction

2. Connects web users with a virtual agent

3. Proactively engages customers to avoid an inbound call,


4. Does this all on a single platform to provide a consistent user experience.

EM: Can you describe the implementation process for this solution The Jacada Contact Hub?

NT: We work closely with our customers from initial meeting through to final implementation to ensure the relevant success criteria are in place. Our world class professional services team (with a global footprint) will typically engage with a customer on site. On-site engagement allows Jacada to mentor the customer, making them self-sufficient to maintain and extend the solution going forward. A typical project team will include an account or engagement manager, a project manager, and a team lead, in addition to expertise from developers.

Beyond the on-site support, Jacada has standard support and help desk service which is available globally via phone and email. Jacada Support and Help Desk services are provided directly by Jacada with Level I and II support at Jacada’s North American headquarters, located in Atlanta, GA. Level III support and R&D is provided via our Tel Aviv, Israel headquarters.

EM: What’s been the most exciting part of this product launch?

NT: The Jacada Contact Hub is backed by our over 25 years of experience in delivering customer experience solutions. Bringing all this experience into the world’s first digital contact hub powered by a single platform is something we’re incredibly excited about.

Want to see The Jacada Contact Hub in action? Watch this short video to hear from one of their customers.

Turk Telekom Customer Testimonial - Jacada Visual IVR