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How to Overcome 6 Contact Center Metrics Mistakes

Reporting can become a way of life in the contact center. But with so much to collect, analyze, and act upon, it's easy to make mistakes.

Is your contact center guilty of these six metrics mistakes?

1. Measuring too much and acting on too little.

2. Pulling reports, but not sharing successes and challenges with the rest of the organization.

3. Running the contact center based on averages.

4. Spending time on forecasting, but ignoring schedule adherence.

5. Burning out agents with lofty occupancy goals.

6. Measuring Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) but not Employee Satisfaction (ESAT).

This #ICMIchat recap shares a few tips and tricks to overcome each of these metrics mistakes. Have advice to add? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Join us next Tuesday (1pm ET) as we chat about employee engagement metrics. Just follow and use our hashtag (#ICMIchat) to participate!



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