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28 Tips for a More Efficient Contact Center

Successful contact center agents must be patient, empathetic, critical thinkers and problem solvers. They must remain composed during stressful times, and have a heart for serving customers. On top of it all, contact center agents must be productive. With the fast pace of business and the demands of modern customers, the contact center has increasingly lofty efficiency goals. What's the best way to keep agents productive and motivated, without sacrificing quality? Our #ICMIchat community has a few ideas.

In this #ICMIchat recap, participants address the following topics related to employee efficiency:

  • Which metrics best indicate employee efficiency in the contact center
  • The negative consequences of placing too much emphasis on efficiency metrics
  • The biggest threats to agent productivity
  • How to discipline for missed efficiency/productivity goals
  • Using employee incentives to encourage productivity
  • Permitting flexibility without harming efficiency
  • Practical ways to improve efficiency in the contact center

Click through the presentation for insight from industry practitioners and thought leaders and then share your ideas in the comments below.

Join us again next week (Tuesday, 1pm ET) as we chat about common metrics mistakes. Just follow and use our hashtag (#ICMIchat) to participate.


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