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Make it Easy on the Customer

Note from the editor: If you joined us for Contact Center Expo and Conference last week, you saw Matt Dixon deliver an inspiring keynote about the power and importance of decreasing customer effort. Dayna's tip below is the perfect follow-up reminder. How are you applying the concept of the effortless customer experience in your contact center? Did you come back from San Diego with any new ideas that you plan to implement this year? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Sometimes the cost of doing business is upgrading your processes. Last week, a mortgage company asked me for my fax number. Haven’t had one of those for 5 years. Then they asked for my home number. Nope, did away with that almost 10 years ago. How about a voided check? No again – we stopped using checks a year ago. Later that afternoon, the dog groomer asked for a check or cash. I rarely carry cash these days. That groomer could easily be taking credit cards using a service such as Square.

What I do have is a phone and a credit card. And you know what? That credit card will be the next thing to go.

People truly want to give you money. Make it easy on them to do just that. How much money are you leaving behind?

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