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Look Who's Talking Now: Voice in Today's Contact Center

More than 86% of contact centers offer multichannel support, and 74% of customers use 3 or more channels to access customer service.  Even so, voice still remains the preferred choice.

Why do customers still prefer voice?

68% say it’s because it allows for the most thorough answer.  48% feel that voice yields the fastest response time, and 34% say that get the most accurate answer to their question through the voice.

Yes, channels like social and mobile are growing in popularity, but phone’s not going away anytime soon. Today’s customers want to connect with your company through voice.

Are you prepared to support the needs of today’s global customers who expect prompt, 24/7 service in their native language?  This infographic from ICMI and Orange Business Services will arm you with the information you need to begin developing a global voice strategy.

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