Industry Stats: Do Customers Want SMS Support?

March is the month of mobile at ICMI, and we want your opinions on going mobile in the contact center! Do you believe customers want SMS support?

We asked that question in a recent Quick Poll, and 80% of respondents said yes.  But, is the contact center keeping pace?

In 2013, ICMI and USAN sought to determine the importance of offering multichannels and the correlation between loyalty and channel offerings. The results of the Emerging Channels and Customer Engagement Research Study survey indicated that 35% of contact centers do not offer any type of SMS support.

Are you considering an investment in SMS support this year?  Our editorial calendar next week is devoted to giving you insight around SMS.  Be sure to stay tuned for more articles on the topic!  For further guidance, also be sure to check out the full research report: Extreme Engagement in the Multichannel Contact Center: Leveraging the Emerging Channels Research Report and Best Practices Guide.

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