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ICMI's 14 Most Beloved Articles of 2014: Part Two

As we reflect on all that happened for the contact center in 2014, we’d like to take a look back at some of our most beloved articles of 2014, and to thank all of the amazing contributors who shared their expertise with the ICMI community this year. These articles generated quite a bit of buzz on social media and were particularly popular with our readers. 

Last week we revealed the first five articles on the list.  Now we’re continuing the countdown by revealing numbers nine through six. Check back next week to see which articles made the top five this year!

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Happy reading, and happy holidays from everyone here at ICMI!

9.  Absent Motivation Means Absent Employees, by Jenny Dempsey

How productive and engaged is your contact center team? It all begins with motivation.  There’s no magic formula for employee engagement, but Jenny Dempsey has a few tips for success!  Read to learn three ways you can keep your team inspired for the long .

8. 10 Things Senior Level Managers Must Know About Contact Centers, by Brad Cleveland

In order to be successful your contact center needs commitment and involvement from the top.  As we head in to 2015, think about how much your senior leadership really knows about the contact center. In this article Brad Cleveland shares the 10 things that every senior level manager must know about contact centers.

7. How to Performance Manage and Not Kill Culture, by Jeff Toister

Today’s contact center is a paradox. On one hand, managing agent performance often leads to increased micromanagement.  On the other hand, there’s a growing understanding that culture impacts performance.  Jeff Toister shares three strategies for leading your contact center to success without overdoing the micromanagement.

6. 6 Strategies for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers, by Rich Weborg and Leslie O’Flahavan

While it may be true that almost anyone can write a text, companies that exchange texts with customers must write great texts: clear, readable, and worthwhile. Are you looking to implement an SMS support strategy in 2015?  Rich Weborg and Leslie O’Flahavan share a few text writing tips that will enable your company to deliver a great customer experience in under 160 characters.

Which five articles will land at the top of ICMI's 14 Most Beloved Articles of 2014?  We'll publish the complete list next Tuesday, so stay tuned!