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ICMI's 14 Most Beloved Articles of 2014: Part Three

As we continue to reflect on all that happened for the contact center in 2014, we’re looking back at some of our most beloved articles of 2014. These articles generated quite a bit of buzz on social media and were particularly popular with our readers. 

So far we’ve revealed numbers 14-10 and 9-6.  Now we’re ready to reveal ICMI’s top 5 most popular articles of 2014! Thank you to all of our contributors who helped us shape the contact center community this year. We’re looking forward to a successful 2015!

Without further ado, we present the top five most beloved articles of 2014:

5. Awesome Culture As Easy As Customer Service, by Jeremy Watkin

Culture is a critical component of customer service success. A poor culture almost ensures that your employees will be running for the exits with your customer experience suffering in the process.  The good news?  According to Jeremy Watkin, customer service professionals are more equipped than anyone to improve company culture.  Find out how the same customer service skills used to wow customers can be pointed inward to improve culture.

4. 13 Key Metrics for Chat Success, by Neil Weldon

Live chat support can be a powerful tool for organizations, but how can contact centers measure success in the channel?  According to Neil Weldon, to understand the metrics you should be measuring, you first need to understand who interacts with chat. In general, this means focusing on the end user (or customer), support agent, and support administrator. By looking at all three, you can monitor the health of your entire support structure, rather than just a single component.  Read to learn which metrics your contact center should monitor for chat success.

3. 10 Writing Skills Agents Need to Chat with Customers, by Leslie O’Flahavan

Chat is a popular support channel with customers, but doing it right isn’t always easy. Writing high quality chat to customers requires a special set of skills. Is your contact center preparing to implement chat in the coming year, or looking to improve upon your service?  Read this article by Leslie O’Flahavan for insight on the skills your agents need to chat with customers.

2. Employee Engagement: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient in Great Customer Experiences, by Scott Buchanan

A growing number of companies are obsessed with customer experience. It’s a clear competitive differentiator, and so teams are spinning up to define the right metrics, re-engineering processes and more. But they are too often overlooking the one lever with the greatest impact on customer experience – employee engagement.  Find out why employee engagement is critical to creating great customer experiences.

1. Five Things Every Customer Wants From a Contact Center, by Jodi Beuder

Do today’s customers want it all?  There’s no doubt that the demands placed on today’s contact center are many, but according to Jodi Beuder, it’s not impossible to please customers today. There may be expectations that a customer is willing to overlook; but there are definitely some that are not optional, and failing to deliver on those wants can spell disaster for the business. Read to find out the top five wants that are non-negotiable to customers.

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Happy reading, and happy holidays from everyone here at ICMI!