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Contact Center Rock Stars Share Unique Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is right around the corner (October 6-10). Is your contact center prepared to celebrate the special occasion?

In this video ICMI community specialist Erica Strother chats with contact center leaders Al Hopper, Jenny Dempsey, Jeremy Watkin, and Sean Hawkins to get their take on unique ways to celebrate Customer Service Week 2014.

Al Hopper is a Social Media Customer care professional, Jenny Dempsey is a Customer Success Manager at, and Jeremy Watkin works for as the Director of Customer Service. Sean Hawkins is a Technical Support Manager for iContact. Together, they share their unique perspectives on Customer Service Week.

Watch and find out why Customer Service Week really matters, and how your contact center can celebrate without breaking the bank.

Do you have suggestions to add? Share them in the comments, or tweet us using the hashtag #CSWeek14.

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