Video: Thought Leaders Tell All

At ACCE 2013, several contact center industry leaders took part in 15 minute panel discussions.  Every Monday for the next few weeks, we'll bring you video footage from each of the panels.

In the first panel, Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions moderates a discussion with Tiffany LaReau of Human Numbers, Todd Hixon of Intuit, and Bob Furniss of Bluewolf.  Some of the topics covered include the evolution of mobile and social,  biggest surprises so far for 2013, and the global nature of the industry.

Watch and learn, and check back next Monday for panel #2.


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Jeff Toister — 9:40AM on Jun 3, 2013

This was a great way to kick off the Thought Leaders discussions at ACCE. Tiffany, Todd, and Bob were very interesting and insightful and I know everyone wished they could go on even longer!