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The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week on a Budget

Customer Service Week is October 7-11. In preparation for the occasion, ICMI held a sweepstakes earlier this month.  Participants were asked to share their ideas for celebrating Customer Service Week on a budget of less than $5 per person.  (Congratulations to our prize winner, Ann Latham-Anderson of ChildFund International!) We got some pretty creative ideas, and some of them were too great not to share!  So, we’ve compiled a top 10 list for you to use as you prepare for your celebrations.

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week for Less than $5 per person:

  1. Give each of your agents a handwritten thank you note.
  2. Have teams decorate their areas/cubicles and invite others in the building to come by and visit and vote on the best/ most unique.
  3. Print up Award Certificates to recognize something positive each of your reps have done.
  4. Fill a glass jar or vase with candy (M&M's) and include a $25 gift card. Have your staff guess how many M&M's are inside. The closest guess wins the gift card.
  5. Have company leaders perform random acts of kindness customized to each team member/employee.
  6. Have the other departments in the organization participate in Customer Service Week by providing lunch and/or treats for your team. If they join you, even better. It allows other departments to thank the service team for assisting them throughout the year, handling calls, etc. and allows the service team to put a face with the voice of people in other departments.
  7. Set up a surprise baked potato bar at lunch.
  8. Treat your reps to coffee or ice cream.
  9. Give out candy with an inspiring customer service quote each morning, and then on Friday host a pizza party for the team.
  10. Get the team out of the office for an afternoon of volunteering.

What ideas would you add? How is your contact center planning to celebrate?  Share your thoughts in the comments, or tweet them to us (@CallCenterICMI) using the hashtag #CustServWeek.

Have pictures to share of your team celebrating?  We’d love to see them!  Tweet them or post them on our Facebook page, and we’ll share with our community.