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Do You Use Gamification Techniques?

Does your contact center use gamification techniques for training?

We polled community members last week to ask that very question.  The result? An overwhelming majority of those who answered weren’t sure what gamification is. If you fall in that category, you’re in luck.  Be sure to check back next week for an article that explains the gamification process and offers tips and techniques for adding it to the training arsenal in your contact center.


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Bob Cowen — 12:12PM on Jun 20, 2013

Gamification is not new or novel. Almost immediately after the first call centers became operational in the 1970’s, agent KPI’s were improved via incentive programs. Contact centers hold contests, offer games, update leader boards and award badges. Only recently have these practices been deemed “gamification” and proclaimed the next big thing. Gamification drives sales, increases customer retention, improves adherence, increases quality, eases the on-boarding process, improves compliance, reduces new-hire turnover, encourages the mentoring of agents, recognizes peers, collects more money, improves FCR and enhances numerous other metrics.

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