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Words from a Few 2018 Expo Attendees

The challenge was only picking a few from pages and pages of kind words! Read what these chosen few 2018 attendees had to say.

"ICMI sets the standard that all other conferences should aim for! If you're looking to gain knowledge and elevate your contact center, you're in the right place."
- Ashley N., Service Center Manager, Johnstone Supply/The Ware Group

"As a first time attendee at the ICMI Expo, I was thoroughly impressed. I've been reading the ICMI Contact Center Insider over a year, and I've enjoyed the content. This event built off that content and then some. It was motivational and empowering. I learned what challenges the industry is facing (my same challenges) and was able to connect with peers on how they're solving these challenges. My team is already formulating plans to implement key takeaways and we're already planning to attend next year!
- Stacey K., Director of Member Care, WebPT

"The best contact center event available. Highly recommend every contact center manager attend."
- Ramon S., Manager Customer Care, HD Supply

"Attending ICMI 2018 was a wonderful experience. I brought back tangible information that we are putting into practice. The Networking opportunities are great and the information tracks are informative and interesting. I also love the awards party and friendly competition amongst our peers.
- Judy G., Director, GCC Quality Managment, CME Group

Why We Attended As a Team

We were specifically looking for technology solutions and bringing the team allowed us to divide and conquer our reviews. Additionally, as a team we were able to attend and share feedback from a variety of sessions."
- Vickie F., SVP, Service Deliver and Financial Operations, MetaBank

We were able to conquer and divide. Brainstorm in the moment verses passing back information from one person."
- Amber M., Specialty Services Assistant Manager, Genova Diagnostics