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Digital Event Resources

Find Event Resources and How-To's for ICMI Contact Center Expo

Please note, these resources are for reference only. ICMI Contact Center Expo is custom built and may differ slightly from the tutorials below. If you continue to have issues accessing your account or have any other questions, please contact the ICMI Contact Center Expo Customer Service Team.

A Digital Experience 

How to Log In for the First Time

Registration is now closed for our Digital Only Pass during the show May 16 - 19, 2023. Sign up today to gain access to select sessions, keynote presentations, solution spotlights, peer networking, group chats, and more. On-demand access is available until December 31, 2023. Once you have registered and the ICMI Contact Center Expo event platform goes live, your profile will be automatically created. You’ll receive an email with a button directing you to a login page where you will create your new password specifically for accessing the ICMI Contact Center Expo.

If you don't see this email in your mailbox, please check your spam and whitelist [email protected].

Please note - registration is required for access.

Swapcard Email Address

How to Log In With An Account

Access your ICMI Contact Center Expo profile here by entering the email you used to register for ICMI Contact Center Expo and the password you created for the event platform. Then, click on the green arrow to connect.

If you've forgotten your password after entering your email, click on "Send me a magic link" to receive an email to reset your password.


Video Tutorials


Learn how to access sessions and content at ICMI Contact Center Expo.


Networking with Peers

Learn how to network with other attendees at ICMI Contact Center Expo.


Interacting with Sponsors

Learn how to find virtual exhibit booths at ICMI Contact Center Expo.