Debate: Is First Contact Resolution Always Possible?
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Debate: Is First Contact Resolution Always Possible?

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is perhaps the most popular contact center metric.  But is it really always possible to achieve FCR?

In a recent #ICMIchat, Al Hopper suggested that FCR might not be attainable in every service channel, or for every industry.  His comments sparked a friendly debate, and one that we couldn't continue in 140 characters or less.

In this video Al Hopper and Justin Robbins continue the discussion.  What does FCR really mean, and is it always possible?  Watch to find out.


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Jeff Toister — 9:13AM on Jun 20, 2014

Question for Justin and Al:

Does FCR matter as much in every service channel?

For example, FCR seems hugely important for phone. Probably email. But, is it 100% essential for Twitter where the "conversation" might take place over a few Tweets?


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