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By attending as a group, we were able to attend different sessions during each block and share our notes in order to get the most out of the conference.

- Evan W., AICPA

Invest in Your Team - Your Most Valuable Asset

  • Cover all sessions of interest. Meet prior to the conference and devise a strategy to cover the most applicable sessions
  • Develop the skill sets of your people. Want your team to collectively expand their expertise in all things call center-related? There's never been a better way.
  • Recognize your team's outstanding performance. Contact Center Expo & Conference can serve as a great way to recognize your team's achievements and motivate them to continued success.
  • Wrap a strategy and planning session around the conference. Not only will your team be more creative thanks to fresh ideas and perspectives, but you can take what you all learned at Contact Center Expo & Conference and develop plans that are immediately actionable.

To Register Your Team

To Register Your Team, please complete this registration form (coming soon!) using one section for each team member; save it, then email it to You can also print it and fax it to 415.947.6011. All group discount forms must be submitted from the same company, within 24 hours of one another.

Questions? Please call 866.535.8988 or email .

There is always something we can do better to help our customers and it is good to share best practices with others that live in your world.

Kathy Liatos , Member Services Manager, Christian Care Ministries