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Virtual Classroom

Live-Virtual call center training

ICMI’s Virtual Classroom training is a popular choice for call center professionals looking for a convenient yet undiminished learning experience. These scheduled courses bring live contact center instruction to students virtually through an online classroom environment - allowing you to minimize downtime while retaining the highly-impactful elements of live training.

How is ICMI Virtual Training different than standard online training?

  • ICMI Virtual Training features live instruction. Standard online training is pre-recorded.
  • ICMI Virtual courses are scalable, and can be run at more than one contact center.
  • The ICMI Virtual Training platform provides tools for networking.

Virtual Training Symposium - save up to 35% on standard live-virtual prices.

Check out the all new ICMI Virtual Training Symposium, featuring a customizable schedule and savings of up to 35% OFF standard live-virtual prices!

Why Go With Virtual?


Interactive virtual training

Our online classroom environment allows for a higher level of interactivity and collaboration than traditional online training options. Ask questions, get feedback, and more, all from your computer.



contact center training efficiency

Not only are virtual courses interactive... they are also highly-efficient and cost effective. ICMI's Virtual training option eliminates the typical travel expenses and downtime required for live training.

Live-Virtual Course Calendar

Date Course Price
 October 29 Managing Difficult Customers  $699 View Course  
 November 19 Managing Customer Contacts with Quality  $699 View Course
 Nov 30 - Dec 1 Advanced Workforce Management $1,699  View Course
 December 7-8 Essential Skills and Knowledge $1,699 View Course
 December 9-10 Contact Center Strategy  $1,699 View Course
 December 10 Managing Difficult Customers  $699 View Course
 December 11 Managing Customer Contacts with Quality  $699 View Course
 December 15-18 Supervisor Leadership Development Program $2,799 View Course

Virtual Symposium Courses

The following courses are being offered as part of ICMI's Virtual Training Symposium. These courses are designed to be combined in order to build an effective and efficient training schedule up to 4-days in length. As a result, we are able to save on costs, and we are passing the savings on to you!

Save up to 35%

Date Course Price
November 16-19 Supervisor Leadership Development Program. $2,099 View Course
November 16-19 Workforce Management Boot Camp $2,099 View Course
November 16-17 Essential Skills and Knowledge $1,099 View Course
November 16-17 Customer Experience Accelerator Boot Camp $1,099 View Course
November 18-19 Contact Center Strategy $1,099 View Course
November 18-19 Succeeding with Metrics $1,099 View Course
November 18-19 Trainer Development Workshop $1,099 View Course

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be in writing and will be effective upon receipt by ICMI of an email addressed to Todd Piccuillo at tpiccuillo@icmi.com. For cancellations received more than thirty days prior to the scheduled training date, the Client will pay ICMI: (a) 50% of the total Fees, plus (b) an amount equal to all non-cancelable/non-refundable charges incurred in association with the Services prior to receipt of written notice from Client. (These charges include, but are not limited to, non-refundable expenses related to travel and lodging, preparation time, instructor cancellation fees, course material shipping, etc.) For cancellations received fewer than thirty days prior to the scheduled presentation date, Client shall be responsible for the total Fee plus the non-cancelable charges incurred by ICMI as noted above. ICMI will submit an invoice to Client after receiving Client's cancellation or rescheduling or relocating request and payment will be due UBM within thirty (30) days after Client's receipt of such invoice.

Virtual Classroom training is a popular choice for those looking for a convenient yet undiminished learning experience without the cost and hassle of travel.