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Workforce Management Bootcamp

WFM Boot Camp course tagline
Course Description

A comprehensive, four-day workshop that integrates all aspects of workforce management to give workforce management professionals the precise, start-to-finish skills that will improve accuracy and efficiency, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and consistently meet service levels.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn an integrated approach to call center workforce planning based on the realities that managers and analysts face every day. This workshop not only teaches proven techniques to improve forecasting and scheduling, but allows you to practice those techniques with input from expert instructors. You and your colleagues will work through realistic exercises to solve common forecasting, staffing, and scheduling challenges. You will leave with a laptop full of true-to-life examples and reference for many years to come.

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Course Outline

Module 1: What is Workforce Management (WFM)?

  • Examining the components of the definition
  • 9-step planning and management process
  • Typical stages of WFM
  • WFM organizational structure and job descriptions
  • Virtual workforce management
  • Stages of WFM maturity

Module 2: Statistics and Excel

  • Order of math operations
  • Excel basics and conventions
  • Formula basics
  • The 4 types of averages and how they are used in WFM
  • Standard deviations
  • Creating control charts
  • Creating a bell curve
  • Creating a histogram
  • Spruce up data to tell a story
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Universal contact center truths
  • Correlations
  • Other helpful Excel formulas and tools
  • Conditional formatting
  • Pivot tables

Module 3: Forecasting

  • Forecasting defined
  • Criteria for effective forecasting
  • Building workload
  • Forecasting model
  • Cleaning the data
  • Estimating true demand
  • Looking at interval data
  • Historical approach to forecasting
  • Statistical models for forecasting
  • Forecasting in event driven environments
  • Judgmental forecasting
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Regression/hold-out forecasts
  • Forecasting average handle times
  • Different forecasting tools

Module 4: Long-Term Staffing

  • Erlang C
  • The workload/capacity balance
  • Staffing models
  • Shrinkage groups
  • Planned hours utilization
  • Making a case with a staffing model
  • Adding new channels to the mix
  • Calculating required staff
  • The staffing process

Module 5: Weekly Staffing and Scheduling

  • The challenge of the demand curve
  • Net-zero staffing
  • Dealing with people and staffing
  • Using a scheduling task force
  • Establishing a scheduling process
  • Considerations for schedule horizons
  • The cultural impact of scheduling decisions
  • Multi-skill scheduling
  • Staffing at the interval level
  • Skills-based routing

Module 6: Real- Time Management

  • What we’ve found
  • Facts that people often miss
  • Proactive planning
  • When to react
  • Root cause analysis
  • Service level accountability

Module 7: Reporting and Data Administration

  • Data administration by system
  • Data management
  • Developing metrics
  • Creating reports
  • Measuring key drivers
  • Typical reports
  • Visualizing data

Module 8: Summary and Next Steps

  • Extending the value of WFM
  • Hiring Workforce Managers
  • Most important points

Who Should Attend
  • Workforce management personnel

What You Will Learn
  • The fundamentals of workforce management
  • How to use the workforce management development cycle
  • How to understand and use basic statistics
  • How to perform the key functions of the workforce management process:
  • o Proper data administration o Accurate forecasting o Long-term staff planning o Short-term planning and scheduling o Proactive planning o Reporting and data visualization

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Course Duration: 4 Days

This is a 4 day instructor-led course delivered by ICMI Certified Associates. If you have questions about which course is right for you, an ICMI Account Manager is available to help. Complete the Request Information form to speak with your Account Manager.


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