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Multichannel Communications for Agents

Managing Customer Contacts with Quality course tagline
Course Description

Positive customer contacts begin at the moment of connection with an agent.

Through ICMI’s Multichannel Communications for Agents course, students will learn the skills they need to choose the right words, use their voice effectively, ask good questions, listen actively, control calls, and handle specific moments in a call.


Course Outline

Module 1: Choosing Your Words

  • Positive vs. negative language and their impact on the customer
  • Transforming negative language to positive language
  • Guidelines for choosing words
  • Defining empathy and it’s four attributes
  • Strategies for developing your empathy
  • Using empathy maps
  • Apologizing effectively

Module 2: Your Voice Matters

  • How posture, volume, pitch, inflection, pace, pause, and word emphasis impact your voice and the customer 
  • Factors that make speech indistinct
  • Frequently mispronounced words
  • Guidelines for speaking clearly
  • Dealing with nervousness

Module 3: Questioning & Listening

  • Defining close-ended and open-ended questions and how they are used.
  • Examining questions used in a call
  • The importance of allowing enough time for responding and really listening to answers
  • How multi-tasking and not paying attention make listening difficult
  • Other factors that make listening difficult
  • The benefits of good listening
  • How preconceptions impact good listening
  • Ways to show you are listening
  • Techniques for listening actively
  • Callers with accents and limited English
  • Listening to older customers

Module 4: Controlling the Call

  • Using closed and open questions
  • Recognize who is controlling the call
  • Mapping out questions to control the call
  • Pointers on control
  • How to regain control

Module 5: Specific Moments in a Call

  • How greetings create a first impression and good ingredients for a greeting
  • Defining rapport with techniques to build rapport
  • Reasons why callers dislike hold with guidelines for when you should put callers on hold
  • Recommended hold process
  • Warm vs. cold transfers with processes for each
  • Better wording for transfers
  • Offering a call back and then placing the call back
  • Guidelines for presenting the solution
  • Guidelines for closing the call

What You Will Learn
  • How positive language impacts the customer and using words that contribute to a better customer experience.
  • How to express empathy to apologize effectively when required.
  • Using volume, pitch, inflection, pace, pause, and word emphasis effectively when communicating with customers.
  • Guidelines for speaking clearly
  • Open and closed questions and how to use them.
  • What makes listening difficult, the benefits of good listening, how you can show you are listening on a call, and how to listen actively.
  • What call control is and strategies for implementing it.
  • Best practices for greeting callers, building rapport, putting a caller on hold, transfer a call, offering and making a call back, presenting the solution, and closing a call.

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Course Duration: 1 Day

This is a 1 day instructor-led course delivered by ICMI Certified Associates. If you have questions about which course is right for you, an ICMI Account Manager is available to help. Complete the Request Information form to speak with your Account Manager.


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