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Foundations in Contact Center Metrics

Succeeding with Call Center Metrics course tagline
Course Description

Managing a contact center’s performance is more complicated now than ever before. The diversity of channels, technologies, and service offerings leaves behind a mess of data that can overwhelm even the most experienced of leaders. Achieving success today means having the ability to find and act on the metrics that truly matter most.

This course equips contact center leaders with the insights and resources they need to effectively define, measure, and achieve results. Participants will learn how to categorize key performance areas, establish leading indicators, accurately analyze results, and clearly articulate the contact center’s business impact.

Course Outline

Module 1: Defining Contact Center Success

  • Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Six Principles of Managing Metrics

Module 2: Categories of Contact Center Key Performance Indicators

  • Seven Categories of Key Performance Measures
  • Metrics used to Measure and Manage

Module 3: A Data-Driven Approach to Contact Center Improvement

  • Role of Metrics in the Data Center
  • Identify improvement opportunities and priority
  • Identify Root Cause
  • Analyze Data

Module 4: Leveraging Contact Center Data for Business-wide Transformation

  • Change Management
  • Influencing Change

Module 5: Looking to the Future of Contact Center Metrics

  • Two Key Factors in Driving the Future
  • Future Contact Center Predictions

Who Should Attend
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives

What You Will Learn
  • Understand how metrics can help you measure and achieve success
  • The primary categories of contact center metrics
  • Methods for driving buy-in and adoption of key performance indicators
  • How to keep metrics evolving into your contact center’s future

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Course Duration: 2 Days

This is a 2 day instructor-led course delivered by ICMI Certified Associates. If you have questions about which course is right for you, an ICMI Account Manager is available to help. Complete the Request Information form to speak with your Account Manager.


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