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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Don’t Forget Accountability in Your Coaching Toolbox
The call was bad. Really bad. The coaching I witnessed after the call was arguably worse, but it proved to be a great lesson I want to share with you. Years ago,... Read More

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It’s Time to Let Go of the General American Accent
As a white child living in suburban Ohio, when I watched the nightly news, I heard someone who sounded a lot like me. We were an NBC household, and the newscasters I... Read More

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Unlock the Potential of Contact Center Supervisors
Throughout the recent turbulence in the contact center industry, supervisors have remained the first line of defense against an operational meltdown—leading their teams through volatile circumstances while maintaining quality and service levels.... Read More

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Is Your Contact Center As Good As You Think?
In the vision of our organization and our contact center, we always like to think that we offer a good service to our clients. That can change at any moment, considering our... Read More

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Using KM to Onboard and Train Agents Remotely
Many of us don’t make the most of our existing tools and instead reach eagerly for a shiny new one. However, the software you already have often can serve other purposes. Knowledge... Read More

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Remote Workers Need Better-Than-Average Writing Skills
Whether you and your team are working remotely a couple of days per week or you’re remote every day, you’ve probably found that being remote has made you better at some tasks... Read More

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5 Big Mistakes Trainers Make When Onboarding New Reps
Training new contact center agents is challenging. You have a large collection of knowledge that you need to teach them and only so much time to do it. And you need your... Read More

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5 Tips to Create a More Engaging Remote Training Experience
Training new contact center agents remotely can be challenging. When your new agents are in an entirely different location, it is difficult to know if they are engaged and learning what they... Read More

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Evaluate Training Effectiveness using Observation
If you’ve been following along with the Training Evaluation Series, you’ve likely figured out that I believe there are many reasons we attempt to measure the training experiences and training outcomes. Time... Read More

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Evaluate Training Effectiveness using Self-Evaluation
Your contact center is probably using standard training evaluation tools, like post-course learner surveys, knowledge tests, and skill demonstrations. Asking learners to evaluate the effectiveness of a course and to demonstrate what... Read More

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