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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Contact Center Quality: Assuring Great Experiences | #ICMIchat Rundown (June 23, 2020)
Most contact centers utilize some form of quality management. Agents may remember these as times when they were corrected for not following procedures to perfection, but there's a lot more to quality... Read More

The Value of Democratizing Your Company’s Career Progression Process
Contact center leaders often look to technological innovation to bring about improved performance, but a non-traditional approach for career progression and learning often can be a less expensive and more effective path... Read More

Everyone’s Going Virtual: Leveraging Online Events | #ICMIchat Rundown (June 9, 2020)
Brands of all shapes and sizes were quick to create virtual events, as health concerns forced people around the world to work from home and stay socially distant from their professional communities.... Read More

How to Maximize the Value of Virtual Training
ICMI has over a decade of experience offering virtual classroom training. Later this month, we're launching the first virtual ICMI Symposium, offering nine of the industry's best contact center training courses in... Read More

Keep Your Skills Sharp: Train Virtually Anywhere | #ICMIchat Rundown (April 14, 2020)
When it comes to customer service, effective training is imperative to delivering remarkable experiences. Agents can't be there for your customers if they're not well prepared themselves. Training is also a key... Read More

Support the Emotional Health of Your Learners for a Successful Training
 Imagine arriving on your first day of new hire training and the trainer meets you at the door with a big smile on his face, calls you by name, and enthusiastically shakes... Read More

Learning is Best Done in Community
When I use the phrase “corporate training” what is the first emotion that crosses your mind? Likely, the emotional equivalent of an eye roll. Too often, corporate training is designed to produce... Read More

Eight Characteristics of Proactive Contact Center Leaders
  As frontline contact center agents, there’s something comforting about the daily rhythm of waiting for customers to contact us and responding when they do. The work comes to us and we... Read More

Announcing the 2020 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Finalists
The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program, the most comprehensive awards program dedicated to the customer management industry, honors and recognize the companies, contact centers, and individuals that provide a platform for... Read More

12 Questions to Prepare Your Contact Center for the Next Decade
Nothing like a round number on the calendar to make us reflect on where we have come as an industry, and where we are going. It can take one’s breath away to... Read More

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