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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Become an ICMI Featured Contributor in 2024!
The contact center industry is always evolving, and contact center leaders must rely on information and advice from their peers to stay on top of the latest trends. ICMI provides up-to-date educational,... Read More

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Five Things I Learned at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo 2023
It’s funny—and fitting. I asked AI for help with this article. First, I sought overall input based on an outline I provided. Then I hoped for help section by section. As it... Read More

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Robust Knowledge Management Systems Can Cut Costs
In constant flux, the current business landscape seems to be rapidly evolving. Different ideas are constantly emerging as the new go-to strategy. Budgets are getting tighter, and executive teams are asking contact... Read More

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“Lean in to the change.”
Each year, ICMI is helped by a group of contact center industry thought leaders. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board helps us evaluate our offerings, content, and partnerships to best serve the contact... Read More

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Take Every Interaction and Make it Your Best
Each year, ICMI is assisted in its mission to provide the best advice and training on customer care by a group of contact center thought leaders. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board helps... Read More

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“Ego is Not Your Amigo.”
ICMI leans on the ICMI Strategic Advisory Board to stay connected with the contact center community and focused on the changing landscape of customer experience. Throughout the year, we’re asking a few... Read More

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“Jump and the Net Will Appear.”
Each year, ICMI is assisted in serving the contact center industry by the ICMI Strategic Advisory Board. This volunteer group of industry professionals, authors, and customer service thought leaders helps us stay... Read More

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The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Enter the ICMI Awards
As you may know, it’s time once again for the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards. These awards showcase the best of the best of the contact center industry. We’ve said a lot... Read More

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Prepare for Next Year’s Performance Review Now
This article was originally published on HDI, a partner publication.  How did your performance review meeting go? Are you happy? Sad? Somewhere in between? Were you calm, cool, and collected because you... Read More

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Clear Communication is a Key to Customer Service Success
Every year, ICMI supports a Strategic Advisory Board composed of industry thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers. We work with this board to focus on customer insights and contact center market developments,... Read More

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