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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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How Performance Coaching Can Benefit Contact Centers
If you ever thought that having a contact center quality assurance program alone can fix all your customer service problems, think again. While having an effective quality assurance program is paramount to... Read More

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How to Have Grit as a Contact Center Leader
We are humans first before we are leaders. We feel the weight of the changing economy and the impact on our team’s performance and morale. We connect with the struggles that our... Read More

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The Added Value of Team Equity in Contact Centers
Does your contact center jokingly reference certain teams as “Bad News Bears”? I may be dating myself, but this 1976 movie (see the preview to the right) depicts a little league baseball... Read More

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The Phone Call is a Powerful, Forgotten Leadership Tool
One day, when my children were small, I picked them up from the daycare center and headed home to make dinner. Tired from a long day, we carried the backpacks into the... Read More

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Create Connections to Retain Your Contact Center Staff
The Great Resignation is cooling off, and the recent wave of tech layoffs signals we may soon be in a buyer’s market for employers. There is no rest for the weary for... Read More

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Simple Ideas to Keep Up Morale at Your Contact Center
How is it February 2023 already? End-of-year evaluations are hopefully finished for your contact center reporting, and you have jumped into the thick of 2023. Whether you are in the cold and... Read More

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How to Prevent Agent Apathy
As a contact center leader, you’re always looking for ways to improve performance and keep your agents happy. Despite the creativity of your approaches or the generosity of your rewards and incentives,... Read More

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Tips to Keep Your Contact Center Employees Engaged
In any industry it is critical that our employees are engaged. Engaged employees are more productive and produce better results, which in turn impacts the bottom line and profitability. Having a fully... Read More

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Contact Center Lessons from Basketball
No matter what business you're in, you can learn a lot about leadership and people development from great sports coaches. When you hear great basketball coaches (and players) talk about the game,... Read More

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How to Rise Above Performance Challenges
Sales are low. Customer satisfaction scores are dropping. Customer complaints are increasing.   As leaders, we spend hours looking at the numbers or data trying to figure out what’s going wrong, how... Read More

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