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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Include Your Team’s Input in Decision Making to Increase Buy-in
In our current business climate, companies are driving new technology initiatives to streamline the CX journey. Leaders spend months determining business requirements for new technology, and then it’s time for implementation by... Read More

Contact Center Leaders Should Take Time to Take Stock
Radar is designed to allow one to see what is unseen just beyond the horizon. Once something is identified on the radar, action is almost always required – move one way or... Read More

How to Keep Your Agents Motivated During the Holidays This Year
Every holiday season, I get wrapped up in a frenzy of to-dos. I plan for our seasonal meals, map out travel to see family, shop for Operation Christmas Child and click “add... Read More

How AI May Help With Contact Center Staffing Issues During Unexpected Times
Call centers are constantly dealing with unexpected scenarios, but 2020 has taken this to an entirely new level. Centers have been forced to manage the pandemic’s many impacts, including remote work shifts... Read More

Veteran’s Day: Becoming a Decisive & Inspiring Leader | #ICMIchat Rundown (November 10, 2020)
Leaders are all around us, influencing our lives at home, at work, and everywhere in between. Great leaders may inspire us, coach us toward our full potential, and help us become great... Read More

Contact Center Leaders: Secure Your Oxygen Mask First
Early this year before the pandemic, I was on a plane with several coworkers headed for a work conference in Washington, D.C. I was in my seat, talking excitedly to a teammate... Read More

Election Day: Democratic Decision-Making for Contact Centers | #ICMIchat Rundown (November 3, 2020)
Despite our best efforts, not all contests result in a win-win scenario. It's not always practical for everyone to have it their way, and it's never easy to accept the outcome of... Read More

How to Boost Your Team’s Motivation During a Merit or Hiring Freeze
Do you have some team members that are demotivated because there is a hold on promotions this year? Do you feel a sense of frustration from your team because vacancies have not... Read More

Building Winning Company Culture in Remote Teams
This article first appeared in HDI.   Company culture is a critical part of business success, touching virtually every part of a business, and is considered one of the greatest elements in creating... Read More

Learn the Business Value of Authentic Inclusion
Inclusion should not be considered simply a box to be checked off. While there are many reasons why it is best for society to offer an inclusive environment within your company, it... Read More

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