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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Support the Mental Health of Your Frontline Managers
Every now and then, a friend of mine who manages contact center operations shares the reasons he has had a long day. It almost always has to do with a personnel crisis.... Read More

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Study Finds Employee Retention is the Functional Problem
This article was originally published in nojitter, a partner publication. Workforce optimization platform Calabrio recently published its Health of the Contact Center 2021 report, which discusses the current state of the contact... Read More

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How to Recruit and Retain Top Contact Center Talent
The Great Resign has given way to The Great Recruitment, as companies vye fiercely in the job market for qualified personnel. We recently put out a call to contact center thought leaders... Read More

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3 Ways Contact Center Leaders Can Prioritize Agents’ Wellbeing
Today, 70% of employees admit they feel more isolated than ever before while working remotely, signaling the toll hybrid work is taking on mental health. While we are all susceptible to mental... Read More

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Do Your Goals and Metrics Foster Employee Engagement?
This has been a brutal few years for many contact centers. Supply chain problems and the Great Resignation have caused challenges on every aspect of customer care. The work we’re handling has... Read More

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What is Needed to Make a Hybrid Contact Center Model Work?
For the past two years, many in the contact center industry were forced to improvise to maintain day-to-day functions with a remote workforce. Now, as the remote or hybrid models of work... Read More

Article -
Here are Some Ideas for Driving Change Management in a WFH Environment
Change is constant in business today, and when companies can’t successfully drive effective change management, their workers can become disengaged and unproductive. The quality of work can even suffer. When leaders can’t... Read More

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It’s Time to Rethink the Culture of Hiring
Recently my financial institution requested that I sign and return a document to them, via Fax. I laughed out loud when I read their request. Fax? Who uses faxes anymore? I sent... Read More

Article -
How to Keep WFH Employees Engaged
Employee engagement is critical in a virtual/work-at-home environment. Great employee engagement means greater performance and accountability, but some leaders in the work-at-home space continue to struggle with how to do this. New... Read More

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The 10 Traits of Effective Teams
Across the globe, whether it is a work team, sports team, or non-profit team, there is something very special about a group of people that come together, bring their best self, and... Read More

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