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Call Center Resources & Insight

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The Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves in Challenging Times
If anything is certain, it’s that the business climate is changing at a fast pace, and that the rate of change is accelerating. Inside our organizations, we are only as strong as... Read More

How to Humanize the Remote Workplace, and Make Your Remote Teams More Resilient
While there is now light at the end of the tunnel in terms of vaccine rollouts, the current COVID-19 infection rate and restrictions on our lives are greater now than they have... Read More

Creating a Culture of Accountability for Results and Respect
The leader’s job is to sustain a respectful culture that removes employee frustrations while delivering promised results. It’s not easy to reach those heights given the demands on leaders today. Also, the... Read More

Putting the Technology Cart Before the Horse Can Cripple Work-at-Home Environments
Technology is critical, as it supports employees and the processes that drive the customer experience. It can both enhance experiences and save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on labor... Read More

Cultivate a Positive Collective Mood at Your Contact Center
When I took calls as an agent and was moved to a new section of the contact center, I was struck by how tired I felt after my shift. It was my... Read More

Three Fun Ways to Help Your Contact Center Workforce Understand The Importance of Schedule Adherence
Best of ICMI Articles in 2020 - #1  As workforce management professionals, we all know the difference that just one agent can make in our net staffing, and that’s true no matter... Read More

Our People Are Our Future
Best of ICMI Articles in 2020 - #6  A few years back, an agent asked me during a busy lunch shift if they could get a glass of water. Yes, you read... Read More

Why Vulnerable Leaders Have More Influence - And Why That Matters
No matter how good the technology is and will become, contact centers will always be about the success of people. And while creating an environment of successful people has many factors, in... Read More

3 High-Level Contact Center KPIs Every Contact Center Manager Must Track
Over the last 30 years, I have been a contact center manager, workforce management (WFM) consultant and Chief Operating Officer for a provider of WFM software, so I can tend to fixate... Read More

Start the New Year by Harnessing the Power of Conversation | #ICMIchat Rundown (December 8, 2020)
Communication is at the core of contact centers' mission; their ability to create positive conversations with customers is key to their value and success. Contact center leaders must also foster great dialogue... Read More

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