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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Take Time to Appreciate Team Members, or Take Time to Replace Them
"Appreciation can make a day – even change a life." – Margaret Cousins When was the last time you complimented, praised, or encouraged each member of your team? If you can’t remember,... Read More

How To Coach Agent After-Call-Work Time
In most contact centers, after-call-work (ACW) or wrap-up time - the time an Agent spends after a customer interaction, completing the tasks needed to finalize the interaction - is the subject of... Read More

Pandemic Lessons in Parenthood and Leadership
I spent much of the past year working from my home office, with my middle schooler down the hallway in class remotely, and my spouse working from the library downstairs. It was... Read More

Trade Shift Bidding for Flexible Scheduling
Most contact center organizations have used the process of shift bidding for decades. With the pandemic, however, times have changed, and perhaps it’s time to trade in shift bidding thinking for a... Read More

Email is for Information, Not Communication
When I deliver certification training, I make it a habit to ask the class if there are any bullet point items on the slides that particularly speak to them. Through hundreds of... Read More

Contact Center Managers Should Embrace Cross-Departmental Movement
What makes me proud of contact centers is the plethora of talent found inside. Our team members’ talents range from practical, tactical skills to soft, interpersonal skills. Also, because of the inherent... Read More

Here’s a Better Way to Coach Average Talk Time
Catch a front-line agent in a candid moment and ask: “What’s your least favorite metric?” Few will hesitate: talk time (or talk time’s sister, ACW). Ask why and you may hear something... Read More

Close the Distance Between Agent and Leader With Your WFH Team
With most of the call center workforce operating from home, there seems to be an ever-widening rift between call center agents and leadership. And as we continue to work remotely, this gap... Read More

Five Skills Leaders Need to Practice Daily With Their Team
Admit it, your first experience as a team leader was a strange, perplexing, and overwhelming experience. Were you prepared to manage four, seven, or ten other people? Were you happy to be... Read More

The Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves in Challenging Times
If anything is certain, it’s that the business climate is changing at a fast pace, and that the rate of change is accelerating. Inside our organizations, we are only as strong as... Read More

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