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The Contact Center Workforce of the Future

State of Workforce Optimization Cover

Author: ICMI

Publisher: ICMI

Number of Pages: 13


The contact center workforce of the future will be a hybrid of remote and in-person, and the most successful contact centers will be those that balance cost, quality of service, productivity, agent engagement, and business performance.

Last year, contact centers fast-tracked the tools and solutions that would enable them to support frazzled customers and remote workforces. Virtual agents, remote control/monitoring, cloud contact centers, text messaging, collaboration tools, and alerts and monitoring were some areas where rapid transformation took place. Now, with the end of the pandemic in sight, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and look ahead to the future. So, what must we do today to ensure our contact centers can keep up with customer demands, satisfy their expectations, and provide a quality customer and agent experience? In Q2 2021, ICMI sought to answer these questions.

Our research suggests that the businesses best prepared to make remote or hybrid work successful are ready to invest in tools and technology to make the experience more seamless—for agents and customers. But what will those investments look like in the year ahead, and how will new technology shape the coming years for contact center professionals? We share our in-depth findings in this executive summary, including data that will help contact center leaders assess the current landscape and make a case for investments moving forward.

Topics: Workforce Management, Best Practices, Strategy

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