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When it Comes to Frontline Agents, Empowerment is a Meaningless Term
For 20 years, I’ve been delivering writing courses for frontline customer service agents, and I consider myself their biggest fan. And their champion. And their protector. I have seen their versatility, expertise,... Read More

Automation Cannot Completely Replace Human Interaction in the Contact Center
I spent a lot of my early career wondering not if, but when robots would take over my job and leave me unemployed. In contact centers, we are currently trying to figure... Read More

Why We Fall Short When it Comes to IT Security
This article first appeared in HDI.  It seems like we have been hearing about security breaches resulting in the loss of thousands of peoples’ personal identifying information and ransomware attacks for years,... Read More

When Expanding Globally, Don’t Lose Sight of Customer Experience
If your organization is getting ready to go global, or you are executing a CX strategy within a global organization, ask yourself if you have a CX strategy that recognizes the cultural,... Read More

Pandemic Lessons in Parenthood and Leadership
I spent much of the past year working from my home office, with my middle schooler down the hallway in class remotely, and my spouse working from the library downstairs. It was... Read More

A Risk Management Approach to Transform Change Management
This article first appeared in HDI.  I want to share an approach with you I've used in improvement registries and project and task prioritization. Most significantly, this approach is a great way... Read More

How Agile Metrics Can Turbocharge Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction
What metrics are your team chasing this week in hopes that they will meet or exceed the organizations’ desired performance and customer satisfaction goals? Number of touches to a ticket? Time to... Read More

How to Help New Contact Center Agents Succeed
A month ago, I called up my insurance company trying to find out why my premiums went up. This was after replacing my old car with the new one - both are... Read More

Trade Shift Bidding for Flexible Scheduling
Most contact center organizations have used the process of shift bidding for decades. With the pandemic, however, times have changed, and perhaps it’s time to trade in shift bidding thinking for a... Read More

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