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3 Mistakes Leaders Make That Sabotage Employee Engagement
In the virtual/work-at-home environment, leaders understand that employee engagement drives productivity and performance. Successful employee engagement is not a linear process, but a continuous cycle. Here are three mistakes leaders make when... Read More

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6 Ways to Create a Culture that Attracts and Retains a Strong Workforce
Every manager needs to be tuned in to the daily challenges their employees face, but contact centers are extremely unique work environments with especially delicate cultures. Contact centers require even more from... Read More

Article -
Don’t Add More Technology. Add the Right Technology
A common misconception among contact center professionals is that poor customer service is the result of poor or insufficient customer service representative (CSR) technology. The reality is that delivering great customer service... Read More

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The Pandemic Broke the Old Model of Customer Care. Here’s the New Landscape.
The global pandemic pushed business relationships to the brink — consumer hypersensitivity left shelves bare, our supply chains were disrupted, and we sent our employees to work from home. Within the contact... Read More

Article -
Cloud PBX or Cloud Contact Center: Which is Better for your Business?
In the tug-of-war between Cloud PBX or Cloud Contact Center, organizations tend to lose sight of what actually matters to them the most. The choice between the two should not depend on... Read More

Article -
What Defines a Servant Leader?
If you view individual profiles on social media, especially the platforms that focus on business, you will frequently see the term “servant leader” in the headline. It’s become a fashionable term, but... Read More

Article -
Do You Have the Right Process to Staff Your Contact Center Properly?
 Do you have the right number of agents to meet your service level and response time objectives? ICMI’s definition of contact center management is: “The art of having the right number of... Read More

Article -
“This Industry is Ever-Changing, and You Need to...Quickly Adapt.”
Each month, we’re featuring a member of ICMI’s Strategic Advisory Board. This group of industry thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers helps ICMI keep tabs on customer insights and contact center market... Read More

Article -
Four Steps to Take That Can Help You Navigate the Labor Shortage
As customers, we’ve seen the signs posted in retail and restaurants: “Please be patient with our team.” We’ve heard similar delay announcements when contacting other organizations: “Due to unusually heavy demand...” But... Read More

Article -
New Tech Solutions Should Tie into the Customer Journey
The other day I made a purchase via a new vendor. I then wished to exchange the item. It was apparent to me that someone had spent quality time to map the... Read More

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