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“People skills are number one.”

headshotEach year, ICMI is assisted by a strategic advisory board in its mission to provide the best information and training options about the contact center industry. The ICMI Strategic Advisory Board is made up of thought leaders and industry leaders in the contact center industry.

This month, we’re profiling Eric S. Mackowitz, Assistant Vice President, Service Center Operations at Amica. He says that in this age of tech, your ability to work with people is still a great indicator of success in the contact center industry.

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of ICMI’s Strategic Advisory Board. Why do you think it’s important to give back to the contact center community?

I’ve been attending ICMI events since 2007 and have learned so much from formal and informal interactions with the community over the years, which has helped us to move our contact center forward and improve both the customer experience and efficiency. It’s nice to be involved, build relationships and continue to share information that helps to make our industry a better place.

What lesson did you learn from your biggest success in your career? And from the biggest challenge (that you’d like to share)?

Biggest lesson is that communication is the key. The team has to understand the why behind decisions and new initiatives that impact the way they work every day. You can’t over-communicate! The lessons I can share from some big challenges are: don't be afraid to fail, as long as you are failing fast and making corrections, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

In your opinion, what skill or skills will be most needed in the next decade in this industry?

People skills are number one. We’ll always need leaders who can build and foster relationships and engagement and development of their team. Obviously leaders will also need to be technologically savvy to keep up with the constant evolution of communication channels, and the tools that support outstanding service delivery and efficiency.

What are you most proud of in your career, and why?

I am most proud when I see continued success and career growth of those who work in our center. The development of the team is really one of the most important things we can do as leaders.

You find yourself in a room full of contact center professionals and you have the opportunity to give them just one piece of advice to set them up for success. What would you say?

Work to build relationships with the team and around your organization.