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Invest in Your Managers for a Healthy Contact Center Organization

leadingWe are all in the people business. Creating a work environment that brings out the best in your teams is the most important and impactful tool in your toolbox. It gives you the freedom and space to create whatever you want to bring into your operation.

Whether it is a new technology, a new channel, or a new service personality, you need a healthy workforce to successfully adopt a new program. I believe you create a healthy work environment by creating a strong management team. Whether you drive a complex virtualized global network of centers or one small site, the team that supports your front line staff plays the most important role to success. An aligned, willing and open team is critical for the introduction of change.

Building a cohesive and strong leadership team takes active planning. Here are some suggestions for steps to take to help:

Be clear on your purpose

Everyone should know and understand the direction you are heading, why it is important, and what is expected of them. Don’t assume everyone knows the importance of a cohesive team, or how much power and influence they can have on those they manage. Talk about it often and highlight if things go astray. Remind them of the value of their role and what it means to the success of the company.

Be consistent in your communication

It is remarkable how trends take shape when a concept is repeated often. By consistently supporting words and phrases, they tend to be contagious and purposeful in their meaning.

Do not set a strategy in the beginning of the year and never mention it again. Work through a messaging plan that continually supports your overarching goals. Check in often with the individuals in your leadership team. Sometimes, we are so busy managing that we don’t take the time to meet 1-1 with our most critical assets. Catch up and ask what is challenging them. Coach them to be stronger managers and, again, be clear on their purpose.

Be a role model

You are asking a lot from your team. You are stressing how important they are to the overall operation. Ensure that you demonstrate the same behaviors you expect from them. Be supportive, respectful, and fair, and demonstrate a team attitude.

Seeing your managers working together as a united and supportive group is the catalyst for successful change. If you can tackle that, you can achieve anything