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Announcing ICMI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders of 2022

Those who make a good career in the contact center industry are often happy to share their knowledge to help others grow. That’s one of the great things about this field.

Each year, ICMI puts out a call for nominations for the Top 25 Thought Leaders in the spheres of contact center management and CX; those nominated share their wisdom on social media so others might benefit from what they’ve learned. From the many nominations we’ve received, we’ve hand-picked this final list of thought leaders. Click on their names to find a link to their Twitter or LinkedIn account, and read about why they were nominated by their peers. Be sure to thank them for collectively offering professional development for the contact center professionals!


MIke Aoki

President, Reflective Keynotes, Inc.

“Mike has the most informative posts on social media, Twitter & LinkedIn on call center industry news. He is a member of GTACC and a great host that always makes sure his colleagues and peers are welcomed and informed."


Sangeeta Bhatnagar

Principal, SB Global Human Capital Solutions

“Sangeeta is one of the pillars of the contact center industry. I love the articles she writes for Contact Center Pipeline, as well as the events she organizes as Chair of the Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre association!” 


Nate Brown

Senior Director of CX at Arise, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator

“Nate always wows us with his big personality, kind heart, and ability to spread the passion and cheer for #CX in everything he does.”

Jenny Dempsey Wellness 

Jenny Dempsey

Consumer Experience Manager at Apeel

“Jenny is a pioneer in wellness in the contact center, as well as a very well-established thought leader around the importance of emotional intelligence, empathy, and care among employees. Jenny has become an authority on training in the contact center, as well.”


Steve DiGioia

Customer Service Crusader, Author, and Trainer

“Steve is known for being able to clearly explain new processes and procedures so that they are easy to follow and what the benefits are for doing so. Customers always come first for him and he is a pleasure to work with.”


Tanuj Diwan

Co-Founder | Head of Product, SURVEYSENSUM

“Tanuj is one of my favorite new connections in the customer experience space. Follow him and routinely learn about how to listen to your customers and measure the success of your customer experience.”


Neal Dlin

Founder and President - Chief Human Officer - Chorus Tree - Customer and Employee Experience

“Neal is passionate about customer experience and has the foresight to tie employee experience directly back to customer experience. He is an active thought leader in the contact center and CX space.”


Annette Franz

Founder and CEOFounder and CEO, CX Journey Inc.

“Annette is the original thought leader when it comes to CX and EX. I've lost track of the amount of times I've come up with a good, original topic for a post and then in the process of researching it, discovered that she'd written about it a couple of years before. Always generous with her time and knowledge, the volume of posts she writes on CX Journey puts everyone else to shame.”


Murphy Fraser

Senior Strategy & Operations Consultant, Avtex

“Murphy is synonymous with empathy. At the core of everything she does, whether it’s helping redesign a contact center operation or helping a contact center manager advocate for their agents. Going hand-in-hand with her empathetic nature, she helps humanize the contact center and the function it serves. This enables organizations of every shape and size to ensure that the agent experience and customer experience provided is top-notch.”


Nick Glimsdahl

Director, Contact Center Solutions, VDS

“I have becomeacutely aware of Nick’s vast customer knowledge and skills, as well as the endless hours he works on his podcast, book, and much more - all to further the CX profession. His passion to serve customers is practically unmatched. He possesses a deep understanding of service, operations, sales, and customers.”


Peter Gregg

Director of Customer Care, iRobot

“One of the best in customer experience! He has global experience with some of the biggest companies in the world and is always willing to stop, talk, and teach anyone who asks for help! He has an incredibly innovative mind, with an unmatched foundation of the fundamentals.”


Susan Hash

Senior Content Writer at LiveVox

“Susan Hash is a pillar of the contact center community. As editor at Contact Center Pipeline, and now as a writer at LiveVox, she constantly tweets and posts links to great CX articles.”


Sean Hawkins

Head of Contact Center at Anticimex Group

“An amazing leader and mentor - in customer service and in life. He changed the way I think about customer service and he truly deserves to be recognized as one of the best.”


Greg Kihlström

Principal, Chief Strategist, GK5A

“Greg is a customer experience consultant, bestselling author, and keynote speaker. He is such a prolific author on the most important topics!”


Thomas Laird

CEO, Expivia Interaction Marketing Group Inc.

“Tom has helped all of us understand the insides and out of the call center and customer service industry. He has two call center books, a popular contact center operations podcast, and is the CEO of a BPO contact center.”


Ben Motteram

Founder & Principal at CXpert Consulting

“When I need to inform myself of the latest happenings in the CX world, I go to Ben's blog. His informative and refreshing approach means I learn something new and am given a different perspective on how to view customer experience. I love Ben's passion on the subject, and this comes through if you have ever listened to any of his interviews/podcasts.”


Leslie O'Flahavan

Professional Writing Trainer & Coach, Owner, E-WRITE

“Leslie is such a gift to the CX world! She is one of the best speakers and writers I've ever witnessed. She takes the time to come to many ICMI and HDI events, and is so giving of her knowledge and so encouraging to those around her!”

thought leader 

Jonty Pearce

Founder, Call Centre Helper

“As founder of Call Centre Helper, Jonty Pearce has been sharing informative articles and social media posts for many years!”


Justin Robbins

Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Evangelism, ujet.cx 

“Justin is just awesome - so generous with his knowledge and one of the best CX speakers I've ever seen. He has a deep and practical knowledge of the subject and is very well-rounded in his capabilities.”


Becky Roemen

Executive Director, Experience, TTEC Digital

“Becky approaches CX and contact center optimization work with a realistic, approachable, and strategic mindset. While many focus solely on technology and digital transformation, Becky thinks and acts with a more holistic lens - people, process, technology, design, etc. Her firm belief in the beauty of the basics makes her incredibly effective!”


Colin Shaw

Founder & CEO, Beyond Philosophy LLC

“Colin has authored 7 bestselling books on customer experience. He is the co-host of the highly successful Intuitive Customer podcast, which is rated in the top 5% of all podcasts globally, according to Buzzsprout.”


Jacob Shields

Director of Customer Experience & Technology, Guide Star ·

“Jacob has years of experience leading large contact center teams. He's always willing to share insights and learnings with others in the industry.”


Stephanie Thum

Global Executive Communications Partner to the People and Chief Operating Officer, SAP

“Stephanie is a force in the #CX space. With her government experience and ability to make complicated topics simple, she is a wonderful person to connect with!”


Neal Topf

President, Callzilla

“Neal brings light to the CX space via his podcast and ability to have casual conversations that lead to tons of insight. He's a great resource when it comes to offshore support and building out large teams. Plus, he's always there to cheer on AI!”


Jeremy Watkin

Director of Customer Experience and Support, NumberBarn

“Jeremy writes thought-provoking blogs. He's instrumental in driving discussions on how to deliver exemplary CX, whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, or CX Accelerator. Having worked on the technology vendor side as well as a leader in contact centers, Jeremy understands both the real-world experience and the technology that drives great CX. His thought leadership helps bridge those worlds.”