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Introducing ICMI’s 2022 Featured Contributors

wowICMI strives to give you the best insights of the contact center industry, and we can’t do it without contributions from contact center professionals such as yourself.

That’s why each year we put out a call for those willing to regularly contribute as featured contributors. Each of these industry vets has generously agreed to share their insights with six or more articles in 2022. Please join us in giving them a virtual round of applause for sharing their knowledge and helping the contact center community thrive.

ICMI Featured Contributors - 2022

Here are the ICMI Featured Contributors for 2022. If you want to congratulate them and connect, click on each name to go to their LinkedIn page:

Sayo Afolayan

Bob Azman

EJ Bowen

Vicki Brackett

Brad Cleveland

Jarrod Davis

Rob Dwyer

Rebecca Gibson

Andrew Gilliam

Corey (Klein) Goldbaum

Leslie O’Flahavan

Jeff Rumburg

Holly Terrill

Write for ICMI 

Do you want to share your wisdom, as well, and put yourself in the running for being an ICMI Featured Contributor in 2023? Consider contributing an article or two in 2022!

Here are our guidelines:

Basically, we want to give contact center professionals something to think about, either based on day-to-day experience or based on taking a step back and looking at the big picture. We ask that contributors be careful to not push ideas too hard that might lead to business for them - this should be informative, not a piece of marketing. Length is usually 600 - 1000 words, and all pieces are edited before being published.

If you want to take part, email our editor, Craig Idlebrook, at [email protected].