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“Network, Network, Network.”

Alice DeerEach month, we’re featuring a member of ICMI’s Strategic Advisory Board. This group of industry thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers helps ICMI keep tabs on customer insights and contact center market developments, and ensures that our content offerings are aligned with industry best practices and that our products evolve at pace to serve the community, and grow industry relationships.

This month, we’re featuring Alice Deer, Director of the Global Events team at Genesys.

Could you describe your current role with Genesys?

Our programs focus on elevating the Genesys brand, developing award-winning production and content in order to educate, inspire and celebrate the Genesys ecosystem

What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of someone who is successful long-term in this industry?

The customer service industry is ever-evolving. Being adaptable and open to change in this fast- paced industry is what will ultimately help one succeed.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with those who are just setting out on a career path in the contact center industry?

Network, network, network. There is a lot of amazing information, and there are a lot of amazing people at your fingertips in this industry.

Don’t be afraid to join associations and learn from your peers. When you take a step back and remind yourself of the amazing work that people in this industry are doing – from saving lives to helping those in need – it will continuously motivate you to continue your inspiring work.

There have been so many changes in the contact center industry, both because of new technology and because of the COVID-19 crisis. How do you feel those changes will shape the industry in the next decade?

Over the last five years, we’ve seen technology revolutionize the industry, including companies moving to cloud/hybrid solutions, the increase of digital channel implementations, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and engagement tools to better serve customers and keep agents happy.

Aside from technology, we’ve also seen the impact of physical distance during the global pandemic, and the importance of being both efficient and empathetic. In my eyes, self-service solutions will become more streamlined and prevalent in the future in the way companies connect with their customers. To be successful, companies will need to continue to remember how technology is a tool that can help influence aspects of the customer experience, but not shape the whole experience. Customers desire human interaction to get things done, and that desire won’t disappear over the next decade.

It’s clear by your participation on the board that you believe in the role of mentorship in the contact center industry. Can you share a valuable lesson you learned from a mentor, and share who that mentor was?

When I first started in my career I had a manager named Linda who always told us to “write your own story”. Wherever we wanted to go professionally and personally, she encouraged us to take control of our own journey. Our leaders could provide us with wonderful tools and training, but if we wanted to be successful, we needed to put the work in to shine. She instilled in us how we could make an impact in people’s lives in this industry, and took it upon herself to put in the work and mentor us daily. That message has stuck with me over my 14 years in the industry, and it is something I continue to remind myself and my peers every day.