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What to Know About Customer Journey Mapping and the Omnichannel Experience

multichannelYou think you know your customers, but do you know who they are in the omnichannel experience? As omnichannel communication becomes the norm for customers to interact with brands, the exercise of customer journey mapping becomes both more complex and more important.

This past month, ICMI released a white paper entitled “Customer Journey Mapping and the Omnichannel Experience” - it includes insight from experts and survey results from contact center professionals. The white paper was sponsored by Genesys.

Here are eight snippets of big ideas pulled directly from that report:

1. Most organizations think they have a better handle on the customer journey and experience than they actually do, particularly in multichannel and omnichannel environments.

2. The key to multichannel and omnichannel service is seamlessness, but seamlessness is not sameness. A great customer experience is more than the same experience replicated across any and all channels. It’s about providing the right experience for the right persona at the right time.

3. Journey maps prove useful for identifying tasks that a customer wants to accomplish, as well as for exposing the emotional highs and lows that a customer might go through to accomplish those tasks.

4. Today, the key to the omnichannel revolution is seamlessness. For an optimal experience, customers shouldn’t have to restart an interaction to complete an interaction.

5. When any process becomes difficult to follow, it also becomes more likely that people will find ways around it. Having well-defined processes that everyone understands is essential, and making those processes as frictionless as possible is key.

6. One of the main objectives of being in business is to grow. In order to know how to expand, it’s necessary to understand the customer journey for potential customers.

7. Remember, an effective map is an evolving map—as your customer base and systems change over time, be sure to revisit and revise your journey map to ensure it remains relevant and accurate.

8. With so many communication options, customers want to use the channel that suits them at any moment in time. Adapting to this reality is essential for staying competitive and differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

You can explore these ideas and much, much more by downloading your free copy of “Customer Journey Mapping and the Omnichannel Experience” by clicking here.

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