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6 Examples Demonstrating the Connection Between Employee Empowerment & CX

To celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., our #ICMIchat for the week was all about freedom--for employees, that is. A small but mighty group of 15 customer service professionals gathered together to discuss ways to empower frontline agents with more authority and flexibility.

What does employee empowerment mean? Chat participant and author Jeff Toister shared the following definition:

Empowerment is a process of enabling employees to do their jobs. In my context, this usually means providing outstanding customer service.

What does that look like in action? Here are six real-world examples. For a full recap, be sure to check out the transcript from the July 2 #ICMIchat. 

Example of employee empowerment, @toister

Debbie Szumylo, employee empowerment



Erica Marois, agent empowerment

Andrew Gilliam, employee empowerment


ThatCXGuy, employee empowerment


Dr. Debra Bentson, employee empowerment