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Identifying Contact Center Culture Gaps and Opportunities

In part one of this blog series, we defined culture and hopefully helped you define your contact center or team culture.  In part two of this blog series, we will provide you with a sample gap analysis to help you determine your culture strengths are and identify areas for improvement!

Gap analysis

Now that you know what your culture is, how do ensure it is aligned with what will truly bring out the best in your employees-- one where they are motivated, challenged, and committed to the organization?

To assist you in "digging" a little deeper and identifying how well your current culture supports "engaged" or internally committed employees, we've provided a "sample gap analysis" below. The items included on this assessment are all critical components in creating a culture that inspires and brings out the best in team members.

After you complete this exercise, it will become clear what your current strengths are, and where there are opportunities for improvement.  You may want to do this with your team to ensure you are all aligned and can then work together to reinforce the positives and build a plan for continuous improvement.

Each of the items on the gap analysis represents the attributes that are necessary for a healthy, positive culture:

% of engaged/internally committed employees which is driven by:

1.    Rewards and recognition system/process

2.    Leading by Example - levels of trust and communication

3.    Peer influence

4.    Level of participation and a sense of purpose

We'd love to hear what all of you do to create a positive culture. Part of a great culture involves recognition and sharing so; please do, we'd love to hear your stories!

Identifying Gaps and Opportunities:  A Sample Analysis (Download the full worksheet here)

Culture Gap Analysis