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7 Big and Small Ways to Personalize Your Business

When looking to connect more effectively, improved strength in customer experience is possibly the most crucial innovation your company can make. What this means is that you work to outline your demographic fully and investigate how your mission fits their needs. Then you have to be able to communicate precisely how your mission will help your customers in ways like alleviating their pain points, appealing to shared values, or granting them certain specific conveniences.

This infographic by Valpak illustrates several ways that you can personalize your business more effectively to build a deeper connection with your customers. According to a study, 83% of people want this kind of data personalization from the companies with which they work. As you can see below, creating avenues for this kind of connection can manifest in many different effective strategies.

Some of these ideas are overreaching, such as creating a company motto that appeals to what you know your consumers need. Walmart, for example, focuses on the pain points of their demographic by emphasizing their lower price points with statements like "Save Money, Live Better" or "Everyday Low Prices." These centralized messages speak personally to customers whom Walmart is trying to target for their desire to be more thrifty.

Other initiatives highlighted here are more individualized. By engaging with customers via social media campaigns, companies can use targeted messaging effectively. Take, for example, a lighthearted ad campaign by Casper Mattresses that demonstrates an understanding of the way their customers like to shop. A hard sell would not differentiate their product from other mattress companies. By choosing an upbeat and humorous approach, they focus on the ease of purchasing a mattress online in their patented unusually small box. The right customers will flock to this.

Other larger ideas include demonstrating ways to reach out to customers that show shared values. Some companies give a percentage of sales to community projects or charitable works and in this way appeal to customers who have similar ideological leanings.

Check out the infographic below for more information on how to pivot your business to connect more significantly with your customer base.

Please include attribution to Valpak.com with this graphic.

 7 ways to personalize CX